Pergolas – Added open space to enjoy the Houston outdoors

If fresh air, natural surroundings and personality are what you want in an outdoor seating structure, the Pergola is the best option for you. Pergolas from McBride are open, beautiful and highly affordable designs customized for the weather around Houston that let you enjoy the outdoors while providing a nice balance of shelter and plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Simple and Natural
Pergolas are outdoor shelters with lattice roofs and no walls. They’re made of sturdy wood to stand up to changing weather year-round and blend in with the peaceful earthiness of your yard. The open design is great at catching the breeze while the partial exposure of the roof lets you feel a comfortable degree of sunlight.

Crafted to Your Tastes
Pergolas are easy to customize with paint, seating and plant life. The lattice roof is an excellent home for flowers and leaves while the posts can be bound in vines or even strings of lights for the holiday season. You can have a garden shelter, a clean outdoor retreat or any other design that suites your needs. McBride will work with you at every step of the construction, from conceptual design to custom manufacturing and installation to make sure you get the pergola you envision.

An Investment in Value
Professionally constructed pergolas add value to a home. You can enjoy the relaxing escape of your pergola as well as offer that experience to discerning house hunters.

Pergolas are perfect for enjoying Houston’s year-round warmth and making the most of sunny days. They’re quick to construct, easy to customize and a delight to share.

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