(Texas Patio Building) Pet Friendly Remodeling Projects

Some remodeling is done to give you more space and some is done to make your space a little more pet-friendly. Your pets are family, so you want them to be happy and comfortable in your home too. Along with comfort you also want to make your home more functional for your furry friends. There are a number of renovations you can try that will make sure your pets always feel right at home.

Pet Friendly Remodeling Projects

  • Floors: Making sure your flood can withstand the constant scratching of claws is usually a priority among pet owners. Since dark hardwood floors will show scratches and scuffs easily, so you should consider remodeling to concrete, tiles, or linoleum. These materials are strong and scratch resistant. You can also throw down some durable rugs to keep surfaces covered and scratch-free.
  • Washing: If you refer washing your pet at home instead of taking them to the groomers, then there are a few remodeling tips you should know. Consider installing your own pet washing station and you can save on trips to the groomers and keep your house clean. Pet washing can be a disaster with bubbles, soap, and water everywhere, but a wash station prevents any unnecessary mess.
  • Feeding: Rather than placing a water and food bowl somewhere in your kitchen, try a pet-feeding station. This prevents you from tripping over or accidentally kicking and spilling the contents and makes cleanup much easier. The best part is that you can design the station to be the perfect height for your pet to offer them maximum comfort.
  • Pet Safety: It is important too remember that pet safety is a priority during any remodeling project. If they are around the house during any remodeling, be sure they are kept away from any hazardous materials. Using temporary gates is the best way to keep them away from anything dangerous. Just be sure to have their food, water, and favorite toys with them if they are closed off in a certain part of the house. This way they are comfortable during any changes going on around them.


Whatever remodeling you decide to try, keeping your pet in mind will ensure they are as happy in the home as you are. Remember to keep them safe at all times and please reach out to us for any consultation or needs you may have with your pet-friendly renovations.

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