Texas can have a difficult climate, so having a patio filled with flowers may appear something difficult to achieve in the opinions of many. But the truth is that with the right plants, your patio can look fantastic, even if you live in Texas. There are many perennial and annual plants that thrive in the Texan climate, giving your recreational space a more beautiful look. Here are some of the most amazing plants you can use to decorate your patio.

  • The Summer Snapdragon

Also known as Angelonia, it is a gorgeous plant with colorful flowers, very similar to snapdragons. It is an annual plant, meaning you will have to reseed the ground each spring if you wish to enjoy its beauty. It is not very high, as it can reach a height of 12 to 18 inches, so it goes well for decorating sidewalks. The plant can also tolerate the heat very well, not being too sensitive when it comes to watering. Its flowers come in varieties that have white, pink, purple and lavender colors. You will love seeing the bright colors of the Summer Snapdragon in your patio.



  • The Tidal Wave Petunia

These plants are the strongest varieties of Petunias, being more resistant when it comes to harsher weather conditions and diseases. Not to mention that they love to be placed in full sun. It is also an annual plant, needing reseeding each spring. But it will look gorgeous in suspended pots since it can spread its stems with flowers for about 4 feet. The plant can easily endure drought, but its flowers will look fantastic if water and fertilizer are regularly applied. Also, in mid-summer, you might have to trim it, to improve its looks. Trimming must be followed by watering and fertilizing operations, to encourage new flowers to appear.



  • Hibiscus

In case you need a perennial plant, which can live and grow for years, not needing to be reseeded, a great variety of Hibiscus can be used in Texan patios. They have large and colorful flowers, take very well full exposure to the sun, being most beautiful when they have enough light. Watering is medium, and these plants resist very well to attacks from pests. Their looks and resistance are the characteristics that recommend them for usage in patios.

  • The Mexican Bush Sage

If you never though beautiful flowers can merge with drought, this plant will show you that it can be very resistant when it comes to dry and hot weather. It looks like a lush green bush of small dimensions during summer, since the white and purple, or solid purple, flowers, appear in the fall. It is not too picky when it comes to watering, and its flowers can easily decorate your home in vases, as they don’t wither too fast.



  • The Pride-of-Barbados

A plant with a very interesting name and appearance at the same time. It is a bush with a height between 8 to 12 feet tall, which stays forever green. It is very resistant to high temperatures and drought, but it will best develop if the soil is drained properly. With breathtaking bright red-orange flowers, this plant will indeed capture any attention.


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