pool fence in dallas tx

Having a pool can be great to have but it requires a lot of responsibility. It will require you to maintain it year round and it can cost a pretty penny, but it is worth it. A pool can bring up the value of your home and you can throw a ton of pool parties for all occasions. Think about pool safety and how you can help protect small children from hurting themselves by accidentally falling in it. There are ways to prevent this from happening.

A pool fence can help provide you safety precautions in keeping children out when there is no supervision from an adult. They can fit just about any type of pool and can match the decor of your patio set or exterior of your home.

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  • Climb resistant surface
  • Has a self closing gate
  • You can put it up and take it down within minutes
  • Easily maintained
  • Protects from accidental dro  wnings


  • You can’t use the pool all year round

You may choose to have a pool enclosure instead which is fine, but it doesn’t offer protection like a fence does. An enclosure usually covers the pool from top to bottom and is attached to the home. It looks good and provides several benefits that differ from a fence.


  • Can swim all year round
  • Appears pretty and can increase value to your home
  • Energy efficient


  • It isn’t safe to have with children
  • Doesn’t protect children from falling in the pool
  • Cannot be put up or taken down easily
  • Must be installed by professionals

Overall, pool fences are more beneficial to families and for those who plan to have parties where children are present. A pool fence will prevent children from wandering passed the fence and they won’t be able to climb over it. When you make the decision which one will work best for you, consider the pros and cons of both.

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