Power outage can be long term or short term; however one should be prepared for any shortage to occur. This power loss can be caused by several factors and theses are heavy rains, knock down of power transformers, storms etc. our daily activities depend on power what if we run short of it, how do we normalize everything to run our business, eat, pass information, or even access our money in the banks or any other places. Here are several factors and tips to observe and keep in mind when preparing for power outage and this will not only help one person but the whole community and leave them comfortable.

Alternative lighting instruments

Ensure other alternative lighting objects are purchased and placed at the central place. Get candles and place them in pots or tins that cannot burn and they should not be higher than the candles to ensure light is spread evenly. This will also help reduce chances of fire occurrence. Place glowing sticks in a cool place in your house to reduce the rate of burning that will give extra days of using. The reflecting objects near this source of lights will all also provide some light to the room. Have some paraffin lamp that will also help in lighting fire.

Source of information

Make sure you have a different item of receiving news or passing information that will not need power. These can use batteries or can be charged using solar energy. A mobile phone that will be readily accessible and simple to be used by everyone in the house in order to receive any information from the media. Radios that can use batteries or can as well be charged using solar energy so as to keep in touch with the planet. Contact people that might have any message on the possibility of power return.

Preparation of meals

Practice and learn to make meals using open fire, stoves that use paraffin, charcoal jikos or even biomass. Take good care of the areas before setting a strategic place of cooking as fire might cause burns or injury to people.

Entertainment tools

Collect books that will keep you busy in the house and keep you informed on what was never covered before the loss of power. Playing cards and other hand games will also help in entertainment. Buy some soft drinks that can last longer to keep you busy and relaxed. Take walks in the city or gardens to watch over what is happening.

Storage of refrigerated food

Keep bottles of water in the empty spaces in the refrigerator and allow some air spaces to allow spreading out of ice that will help keep food for a couple of days when there is no power. Avoid opening these refrigerators often as this will reduce the duration of keeping food well.

Fuel storage

If you own any automobile machines ensure fuel is filled at least half filled or more to make the movements easier. When the garage is an automatic one learn to use a manual garage as this will help during that time. Getting ready for a power outage is not easy but once planned it will not make life difficult as it prepares us to live with any challenges that might come across.


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