Privacy is becoming more difficult to come by these days. The rise of social media, the growing threat of terrorism, and overcrowding in some areas seem to be conspiring together in an effort to altogether do away with the general concept of privacy. In many ways, homes are the last bastion of privacy many people have. One way for homeowners to enhance their sense of privacy is install proper fencing that utilizes the latest designs and materials. Those who are looking to keep prying eyes away from their pool (or other outside activity spot) can choose from a variety of fence types. These fence types range in price, style, material, and functionality.

Used for generations, wood fences are still able to provide style, comfort, and privacy with a modest financial investment. Wood is very versatile, can be set at different heights, and can be painted or stained in order to achieve the desired look of the property owner. Wood slats can be set with little or no gap to greatly reduce (or eliminate) “peek-through” spots. In general, wood is durable. If treated properly, a wooden fence can last for decades. However, those who live in areas that are known to be termite infested will need to take extra measures to safeguard their fence against deterioration.

Though it can be more costly, many property owners turn to cement blocks as the material of choice for their privacy fence. Some even argue that the cement blocks are more cost effective over time due to the minimal maintenance they require. Installation of a cement wall tends to be more labor-intensive than wood fences and sometimes requires a professional to set the footing for the fence. However, once installed, a block fence offers visual interest with little or no maintenance for many, many years.


More recently, homeowners have turned to pro-panel fencing to address their privacy needs. Pro-panel fencing is made up of the same materials used to make pro-panel rooftops. These fences can be set at standard heights on metal frames. The material is termite-resistant and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Thought pro-panel material is priced slightly higher than lumber, many homeowners have been able to purchase it at a reasonable price. For this reason, pro-panel fencing is growing in popularity.

As previously stated, those who desire to add to their sense of privacy have a wide array of options when it comes to privacy fencing. But choosing the right material is only the beginning. If hiring a contractor to install a new fence, property owners should do their due diligence in investigating a few companies to make sure that they find a fencing company they can trust.

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