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Climate change is becoming a real threat. Global temperatures are rising to exponential levels. Many countries are experiencing hotter than usual temperatures.

A lot of people interested in buying air-conditioners try to save money by installing them themselves. Self-installation is a very bad idea.

This post will cover all of the reasons why it’s not clever to try and install your AC unit yourself, and why you should have a professional do it.

Taking Precautions

When it comes to AC installation, only a professional will know what precautions to take when handling and installing a unit. When a new installation is being made, proper precautions must be taken so as to ensure that the unit’s airflow is fed through the air duct system properly. If this does not happen, the unit won’t work as effectively (or at all). It should also be noted that in terms of placement, the unit has to be placed in a very certain way. If a unit is not placed properly when it is being installed, then there could be interruptions to the airflow. Again, only a professional will be able to install your unit for you in a way that is safe and effective. You won’t have the technical expertise to do it yourself.

Professional Installation

A lot of people are reluctant to allow contractors to install their AC units for them, mainly because they are trying to save money. Really and truly though, the cost of AC installation is usually next to nothing. The company that you purchased it from may even offer free installation if you ordered a very expensive device. If you ordered a budget device, then the amount that they charge will be nothing compared to the amount that you will cost yourself if you break it when you are installing it. Professional installation is the only option that you should consider.

Follow-up Maintenance

One of the main advantages of having a professional contractor install your home’s AC unit for you is that you may also get access to complimentary follow-up maintenance. Some companies will offer free service checks, and then if necessary, free servicing for up to a year after your unit is installed. Complimentary follow-up maintenance will save you a lot of money. Before buying an AC unit, also make sure that it comes with a warranty. A warranty will ensure that if your unit breaks down or shows signs of wear in the first year or two that you own it, you will be able to get it replaced for free.

Suitable Placement

AC units have to be placed in very specific positions for good airflow. Also, your unit’s external air supply unit needs to be placed very precisely. As you likely have no training in AC installation, there is absolutely no way that you are going to be able to learn how you are supposed to do all of this. An AC installation service will be able to do it all for you in less than a day. If you do have any requests or placement requirements, then make sure that you explain them to the company fitting your unit for you.

Damaging Unit

If you try to install your AC unit yourself, then you are almost guaranteed to damage it. Air-conditioning units are not cheap pieces of kit. They can cost thousands, sometimes. If you damage your unit when you are trying to install it yourself, then you won’t be covered by your warranty. Warranties don’t cover accidental damage. However, if the workmen installing your unit for you happen to break it, then your warranty will be activated, and you will get another unit delivered to your house and installed free of charge.

Correct Performance

Finally, when you have your unit installed by professionals, you don’t have to worry about it performing poorly. Even if you manage to miraculously install your home’s AC unit yourself, even a minor mistake could lead to your unit performing poorly. If your unit does perform poorly after professional workmen install it, you will be covered by warranty, meaning that they will have to come back for free and refit or re-install your unit. If it is a fault with the unit, then you will get a replacement one sent out. If you install your unit yourself, you might not be covered by the warranty even if there is a fault with the unit.

Air conditioning units can be a great way of cooling your house down and preventing yourself and your family members from developing conditions like heat stroke. However, if you are going to buy one, then you need to make sure that it’s installed properly. Never attempt an installation yourself—leave it to the professionals.

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