protecting AC in winter in houston tx

As we are now in the middle of winter, you may be starting to wonder if your outdoor air conditioning unit will need some sort of protection from all of the elements. And the answer is, yes it does! Snow as well as falling leaves and ice will often present a serious problem for your condensing unit. In many cases, the damages may be irreparable. This is why it’s extremely important that you take the appropriate measures to cover it. So how should you cover your air conditioner this winter? First, lets discuss why it needs protection, and then we’ll talk about a few ways you can cover it safely.

Here’s why you air conditioner needs protection, and why it’s so important to know the proper way to go about covering it this winter:

  1. Flying debris and dried leaves tend to get caught inside the sensitive fins of the outdoor air conditioner’s coil. When this happens, it can’t release heat.
  2. Accumulating snow will often encase the unit. Though light layers of frost on the outside of your unit are perfectly fine, thick layers of snow or ice will cause damage to your fan blades coil fins.
  3. Falling ice has a huge impact on your unit and causes damage to the outside of the conditioner, or even worse, damages the coil fins.
  4. Dripping water from your gutters or trees can easily get into your unit. When the temperature starts to drop, this water will turn to ice, expand and then damages the coil fins.

Here are a few helpful suggestions for covering an air conditioner for the winter so that you can avoid trapping moisture inside:

Breathable Material

Covering your air conditioner doesn’t mean that you should find any material that is large enough to fit over it. You should be on the look out for material that allows the conditioner to breathe. It needs to allow for proper air circulation.

Install An Awning

Instead of covering the air conditioner with special cover, you can create a structure for it. Install a wood awning or shelter that is attached to your home or building. Just make sure the structure allows for proper air flow and that you keep it well maintained–free of rips, tares or leaks.

Plant Shrubs

Plant shrubs around your unit. This will help you to protect from harsh winds and snow. Check with your air-conditioning service about the proper air flow.

Not many people take the time to care for their air conditioner during the winter. They assume they won’t need it and as a result they experience a large amount of damage. However, if you take heed to the previous steps, you’ll find that the life of your unit is extended significantly.

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