(Texas Patio Builder) Protecting Your Patio Furniture During the SummerSummer is here and the sun is already beating down on your backyard and patio furniture. The sun can bleach fabrics and wear out materials in no time, and buying new furniture each year is too expensive. To make sure your patio furniture lasts a few summers, you need to take care of it. Thankfully, there are three great ways you can provide care and protection for your patio furniture during the hot summer months.

Protecting Your Patio Furniture During the Summer

Furniture covers

If you do not have any patio coverage, then patio furniture covers are a great investment. Chances are that you have covers already, but you only pull them out during the winter or rainy seasons. If they can protect your furniture from the rain, they can protect it from the sun too. A blistering hot sun can do just as much damage as rain or snow, so keep the covers handy all year round. Whenever the furniture is not in use, the covers need to be on. For furniture with metal frames, these covers also help to keep the metal cool, so you can relax and not worry about burning yourself when you sit down.


Many people invest in patio umbrellas as a way to protect the patio furniture as well as their guests from the sun. Not only do umbrellas save your furniture from the damaging effects of the sun, but they also provide a shady refuge from the heat. Avoid sunburns and bleached and worn furniture by getting a large patio umbrella. They come in all sizes and designs so you can easily match one to your décor.

Protective cleaner

When it comes to protecting furniture from the weather, umbrellas and covers are the go-to resource. Do not forget that protective cleaners can go a long way in keeping your furniture safe during the times there is no cover. The sun moves all day, so chances are at some points throughout the day, your furniture will be exposed. Using a protective cleaner regularly prepares your furniture for any exposed time and keeps it safe from permanent damage.

Final thoughts

Summer time is fun time, and most people want to spend it outdoors. You invested a great deal in your patio and furniture so it is a place for your family and friends to enjoy. A patio filled with old, cracked and bleached furniture is not inviting or comfortable. Look into employing any or all of these three ideas to keep your patio furniture looking new all year round for many summers to come.

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