TMT bars for building homeBuilding your own sweet home? It is surely the dream of every person and when you are on the way to fulfill your dream, you should not take anything lightly. Isn’t it? You hire the best architect, experienced laborers, and masons but, are that all? What about the raw materials? They are the most crucial element in the constructional work.

You should be fully aware of the raw materials to be used in constructing your home and make sure that they are of the best quality. Now, when we are talking about essential components in a construction, we cannot go without mentioning TMT steel bars. The concrete blocks will not stand without the support of these bars.

So, how will you pick the best TMT bar for you? Well, there are a few criteria which you MUST check to ensure that top quality steel bars are used in building your home.


TMT steel bars are different grades like Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600. The strength of the bars increases with grade. Therefore, you should use the higher grade bars in the core of the building like roofs and floors and lower ones in constructing decorative structures and balcony railings.


This is very important because the steel bars manufactured using advanced Tempcore technology have greater tensile strength, ductility, and durability. Thus, you should check whether the bars of the contemporary styles.


Nothing is better than a certified product. TMT steel bars of reputed companies receive Tempcore certification, ISO certificate, and BIS certificate. You should choose the bars having these certifications since certified bars have greater strength, bendability, toughness and are robust.


Check how long the steel bars can be elongated. This decides how much ductile they are. Higher the elongation, greater will be your savings in construction, durability will be more and you will not have to spend much in transporting the bars from shop to home.


Many parts of your house can be exposed to open air and hence, they will have the chance to get affected by moisture. Hence, you should ensure that the bars you pick are corrosion proof, they have waterproof coating and can resist moisture.


TMT bars should be flexible enough to withstand the stresses that are likely to come in future. Top quality bars will never crack when deformed to any angle.  

These are only some of the factors which will guarantees that you have as long life of your home. Don’t haste while buying raw materials, especially TMT bars.  Also, check for the most competitive TMT bar prices in your region and check quality certifications before deciding.


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