(Texas) Pouring a Concrete Driveway
Your home never quite looks complete until that driveway is poured and set. The construction company building your home may contact a concrete company to pour this or you may find that you have to do it yourself. Either way, there are a few things you should know about pouring concrete before you or the contractor start the job.

The first thing that you need to do is grade the soil and compact it as best as you can because this gives the concrete stability. Be aware of whether or not the housing development slopes, because you do not want your driveway to look sloped so you need to arrange the materials accordingly. Then you need to place a think gravel base to filter any water away from the concrete. This prevents the formation of cracks which can happen with time. Be sure the grade is good and the gravel you add provides a solid base to keep your concrete looking great for longer.

When mixing the concrete, you want to make sure the water to concrete mix ratio is accurate. Too much water compromises the strength of the concrete. You can add additional strength by including rebar at the time of pouring. For concrete to reach its full strength, takes close to two months, so it is better to pour the concrete well before the closing of the sale is complete. You also need to include control joints every fifteen feet or so to allow for a certain amount of give. These are the lines you see in a driveway and without them, your driveway starts to crack right away.

When it comes to the aesthetics of your driveway, you have a few options. You can add a trim with brick or stones, or add color or stamped concrete pavers to make it stand out. You can also add to the width of the driveway so that you have extra room when getting in and out of your cars. It also means that guests do not have to step on your lawn when they pull in. Having an extended driveway may take getting used to in terms of appearance, but the functionality makes it worth it.

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