Elevator for the home


In recent times, most people have embraced elevators in their homes, and that elevators have various benefits. You can use them to transport bulk and fragile goods up and down. They also grant easy home access for children, pets, disabled, and aged family members. Some people use them for luxury purposes.

If you want to know how much it cost here are some things to consider before you are getting an elevator installed.

The price of elevators depends on various factors. Below are factors that determine the cost of an elevator.

Type of elevator
the type of elevator you choose greatly influences the price of an elevator. There are numerous options that you can select from when looking for an elevator.

The various types of elevators include;

Hydraulic elevators- these are more suitable if you have enough space and need a separate machine room. There are also three types of hydraulic elevators the holeless, holed, and roped hydraulics. The hydraulic elevator does not require reinforcement and is cheaper compared to traction elevators.

Traction elevators- They are also known as electric elevators. The traction elevator does not require more space. It also does not require a machine room. The steel ropes roll all over a sheave to lift the lower elevation cab. Recently-made traction elevators use flat steel belts that are light instead of the conventional steep ropes.

Other types of elevators include;

Pneumatic: this type of elevator uses a tube vacuum pump to generate atmospheric pressure and is suitable for a small space.
Chain-drive: the chain-drive sends torture from the motor using a chain.
Cable-drum: the cable- drum elevator is more suitable for new construction homes to make it easy to add pits. They use a cable wound around a drum.

New construction

You can install an elevator during home construction. That way, the architect gets enough time to design the elevator space. You will also get time to choose a design and decorative features for your elevator. Fitting an elevator during construction ensures that it stays in place as desired.


It is also possible to install an elevator in an existing home. You will need to put some tips into consideration before retrofitting an elevator.

  • Position: where you want the elevator installed in your home. The elevator position should be efficient for all floors.
  • Safety: you should consider all safety measures in your home. Also, choose a credible elevator company for your installation services. They should be licensed and should meet the state license authorities’ requirements.
  • Power requirements: ensure that your new home elevator gets all power supply and requirements.
    Insurance-the cost of an insurance cover in case of any elevator damage or an accident
  • Space: you should check if your home has adequate space to fit an elevator. You will need enough space for a machine room if you choose a hydraulic elevator.
  • Marketability: if you install an elevator in your home, chances are that your home market value will rise. The new elevator features will draw more potential buyers.

Installation process

The installation process depends on the type of elevator you choose. The position of the elevator also determines the installation process. Some elevators will require few days or more days to install. More installation days will lead to high costs.

Labors charges will also depend on the professional elevator installation you get. Also, labor costs will be higher for elevators with a shaft and machine room. It is because they need extra professional work. You will also note that most elevator companies will give a total cost that includes the installation cost.

Customized process

Customized elevator designs can cost higher than other designs. That way, if you choose design features for your elevator, then you will pay higher. It is advisable that you select a design feature that is worth the money you spend.

House size and location

Your home size and location also influence the elevator installation cost. A big house and different home areas will require a higher installation cost.

Bottom line

A home elevator does not only add luxury value to your home but also increases its market value. It also helps you move from one floor to another. Therefore, you need to choose an elevator that meets your needs and specifications. From the numerous elevator, options ensure that you choose one that is cost-friendly.


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