(Texas) The Best Remodeling Projects for Pet-Owners

Pets are family. You love having them in the house but sometimes their dirt and odors can disrupt the aesthetics of your house. Scratched wood flooring, muddy smudges on the walls, and fur covered furfur-coverednot anyone’s idea of décor. Because we love our pets, we often accept these conditions. The good news is that there is a way to have both a stylish home and a pet-friendly home.

The Best Remodeling Projects for Pet-Owners

With a few remodeling projects, you can have the home of your dreams and your pet’s dreams. You can make some minor changes to your home that reduce the chance for any pet destruction. When you remodel your house with your pets in mind you can end up with beauty and functionality.

  • Install a dog shower: The laundry room is a great place for a dog shower. Dog showers are popular home improvements as they protect the rest of your house from muddy pawprints. The ideal room will be situated at the dog’s main entry point to the home, so you can corner and clean them before they get to the rest of the house.
  • Feeding stations: Having a designated feeding station and storage area is a great way to keep your pet’s things organized. Storage for grooming and other supplies keeps things in one place and easy to locate when needed. Food stations keep food and water from being knocked over and spread through the house.
  • Flooring changes: Carpet may seem like the most comfortable option for your pets, but it is a nightmare to clean. Dirt, odors, and hair get trapped in carpet fibers which means you will be replacing it way too often. Hard surfaces are better when you have pets, but wood flooring can get easily scratched. Vinyl or tiles make better options as they are easy to clean and not so easy to scratch.

Make sure when you start any remodel projects, your pets are kept safe. Set up a safe and comfortable place away from the remodel zone and make sure they have all the essentials. They need to have food, water, a bed and their favorite toys with them. It also helps to acclimatize them to their safe area before you start so they are comfortable and at ease before the noises start and the strange workers show up.

Your home should be a comfortable place for both you and your furry family members. With the remodeling tips above, you can have a pet-friendly house and reduce the potential damages they can accidentally cause. Reach out to us today for any project questions or help with supplies and we will help you get that dream home that makes you and your pets smile.


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