The Holidays are approaching quickly and those overdue household items that need to be repaired in your home are now glaring. Before you have your family and friends over for Holiday gatherings, consider fixing the following five things around your home.

Clean Your Chimney

There isn’t a better time of year to clear out the chimney and prepare your fireplace for use. A clean chimney will allow you to use it safely. Remember, the chimney’s function is to carry smoke away as the fireplace roars. So an overstuffed clogged chimney can hinder your fireplace from operating efficiently. Professionals recommend cleaning your chimney at least once a year. As the weather gets cooler and more people make use of their fireplace, this can become a safety concern. Consider investing in seasonal cleanings of your chimney and enjoy your family gatherings even more this year.


Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

If you are thinking of having guests over, the last thing you want is a running toilet, malfunctioning shower head or a leaky faucet. Many licensed professional plumbers will tell you that attempting to fix plumbing issues in your home may cause further damage.

Inspect Your Electrical Outlets

Decorating is one of the more fun things to do around this time of year. Do not let defected electrical issues or outlets slow you down. It is also a great time to check and make sure your electrical system can handle the decorative lights you may want to hang.

Refresh Your Space with New Paint

Repainting some of the more messy walls in your home can brighten up your room. Choosing a new color or creating accent walls are all fun things that can be done to enhance your home. As well, covering up holes and scratches can be a great finishing touch as you prepare to entertain guests.

Invest in Professional Cleaning

The usual tidying up may not be sufficient with so many planned and unplanned celebrations that take place around this time of the year. Consider having your home deep cleaned. You can think of it as facelift for your house when every detail of your home sparkles. It leaves a refreshing feeling in the air and is one less thing for you to think about as you make your Holiday plans.

This season is known to spread happiness and bring people closer together. Resolving those pressing household repairs can keep you focused on the joy in the season.

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