Having a patio at home is a very beautiful idea for anyone’s home but it can be the very opposite if you don’t roof it. Yes, it is important to roof your patio so that in the rain or in the sun, you can enjoy being there without fear of the harsh weather.


Reasons To Roof Your Patio

Well, you might say that the patio is just the front of your outdoor environment but, this is to tell you that, it is what you make it look like. Most people have it concreted, paved and sometimes even decked.

While this is just perfect, sitting on your patio will not be very nice if you have to sit under the really hot sun or the cold rain. With a roof over your patio, you can sit and relax there regardless of the weather condition. And this will also help you use your patio in diverse ways.


Roof Options For Your Patio

When it comes to the roofing of your patio, there are several options to pick from and whatever you decide to pick is going to be based on your preference. One very popular and most used is the pergolas roof. The basic reason for its popularity is that it can be built in many shapes and different sizes for your patio. If you decide to take this route, then there are some materials that you can equally use for the roof and they include the following:



This type of roofing is very available in different colors and is a flexible one as well. It is durable, and you can curve and bend it into any shape you want and it won’t break.



The colorbond roof is another popular metal roofing that is equally durable and flexible. The flexibility of this metal roof allows it to be converted into any roof shape based on the preference of the owner.



This roofing type is exquisite and unique in its special ability to reflect the heat away while letting in light. It also sends UV rays away making the patio a lot more comfortable for



These ones are very affordable and natural. They are made from natural grasses and gives a very beautiful, natural and tropical look. You will enjoy this roofing a lot and the best part is that it is widely used among freestanding pergolas.


Angled Battens

Unlike the rest of them, this roof comprises thin timber or metal pieces. This roof type has been specially shaped into the angle form to conveniently block the sun away in summer and also let it in during the winter season. Get yourself a roof that can work perfectly for you in all seasons of the year.


Climbing Plants

Picking climbing plants for the patio is a great decision. Its aesthetic nature makes it absolutely worth the while and you also have an option of picking which climber you want. You could select the evergreen climbers, the permanent shadings or the deciduous climbers depending on the season you’re in. Mainly, these three are used for shade in the summer and of course winter sun.

Some people do not like the pergola roofing type, so they go for covers and here are some of them:


Use of Umbrellas

You can either fix the umbrellas permanently or you can make it removable and mobile. Umbrellas are simply perfect alternatives to the use of roofs. If you do not feel like umbrellas then you might want to try the next alternative.


Shade Sails

Yes, they are equally awesome for patios. They are made from beautiful and durable fabrics and can cover different sizes of patios; even the largest ones. They usually look like giant sails and are mounted by suspending them on poles.


Retractable Awnings

Covers in this category can be folded and kept if not in use and brought out when needed. They are also made from fabrics, really durable fabrics and can be motorized or manually used. They can be used in large patios, but care must be taken to ensure that they don’t get damaged during heavy winds.



Getting a roof or covering over your patio can be one of the most fulfilling decisions you take about such an entertaining area. Without a roof or covering for your patio, you are probably going to suffer a lot of weather mishaps like rain and the hot sun.

Some patio roofing options have been stated above and they include zincalume, colorbond, thatching and some others. While the covers include umbrellas, shade sails, and retractable awnings. These are some of the things you can use on a patio to make it more relaxing and entertaining.

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