Style demands ‘variation’; in color, cuts, textures and patterns.  The same holds true when it comes to decorating your house or a room.  A plain, monotone in the room looks not only boring but also one without a statement.  If you add variety in your room by adding layers, textures and patterns through the fabrics, walls, lights and  on the floor, you would be able to create the wow factor in any room.  All this demand a little effort in terms of planning and experimenting.

The Wall:  One can introduce patterns and textures on the wall by the use of wall papers, and even through paint rollers.  But one thing to keep in mind is you do not want the textures to be over empowering. Rather a nice blending in texture and pattern looks magnificent on the wall.  Another way to go about making interesting walls is by stencil painting a motive or you could even apply some thematic stickers easily available in the market.  Frames and wall hanging look equally good when put in the right taste.  One or two classic pieces hanging on the wall look decent yet appealing.  Never clutter your wall with everything you love, be selective.


The Floor:  Whether tiled or carpeted, break the plainness of the floor by adding a few rugs and mats.  You could also add floor cushions which not only add texture but also provides a seating place.  Put a few magazines or a basket on the floor for an easy access.  This helps in adding warmth to the room.

The Fabrics:  Adding textures and patterns through fabrics is fun, as you get to choose a variety of materials from leather, Rexene, cotton, wool with a variety of patterns as floral, geometric, lines, checks and so many more.  When putting cushions on the sofa, floor or the bed; add a variety in color, pattern and texture.  The curtains are not to be forgotten when it comes to picking up a fabric for it.  It is always a good idea to pick a unique fabric but never ignore the color scheme when buying a curtain.

The Layers:  Placing one cushion onto another or adding a drape to the wooden blind adds a layer for creating warmth in the room.  Place a throw onto the bed or the sofa to make your room look cozy.

These are some of the ways that can help you make a bland room come alive by offering rich textures, patterns and layers.

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