Outdoor Christmas Lighting Safety Tips


Christmas is one of the most beautiful and festive times of the year with all of the decorations and color lighting every street in our neighborhoods. However, getting our homes looking trimmed for the holiday season can sometimes be a dangerous and tedious task, especially when we hang exterior lights on the house. There are tons of tidbits that you will hear to make the decorating go faster, but it’s always better, of course, to be safe rather than sorry. So, with that said, in order to keep you safe and sound this cheerful holiday season, we have come up with a handful of tips to remember in the back of your mind to help keep yourself, as well as your family, out of danger and ready to celebrate.

Always Check It Twice

One thing that should always be checked off your list initially before the lights get strung up onto your house trimming is to look at the lightbulbs on each string. It is tedious work, but without checking each individual light bulb, you could be in for some major electrical issues that could potentially be harmful. It is also important, especially if you are buying new sets of lights for your home this year, that you make sure you are purchasing the correct ones. You’ll want to double check that they are intended to be used on the exterior of your home rather than inside on the tree, and although some of the bulbs available on the market shine bigger and brighter than ever before, going too big could also potentially burn too hot. That being said, when it comes to everything Christmas lights, always double check your work.

No Shortcuts

Once you have spent the time to check your lights to make sure everything is functioning properly, it is finally time to install them and get them lit up. However, it is crucial that you take absolutely no shortcuts when hanging everything up in place. Most of these lights will come with some sort of instructions for hanging them properly as to not cause any short-circuiting or other electrical problems as they are being used during the holiday season. This means not using any nails or other tacks just lying around the house; Always follow the correct steps in order to keep your home and your family safe. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about your lights until it is time for them to come back down.

It is truly the most wonderful time of the year, so when decorating your beautiful home this holiday season, remember keep in mind these helpful tips for hanging your lights. By always double checking your work and equipment, and sticking to the correct set up, you will be guaranteed a stunning light display that is safe and still effective! It may seem like unnecessary, extra steps at the time, but they will keep everyone and everything safe as they are being used during this time. Let your lights shine bright this year, and have a happy holidays.

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