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Walking on a roof can be dangerous and that’s the walk we want to discuss here. Never walk on a roof without taking a great deal of precautions. One wrong step could mean some serious bodily harm, or even worse… death. Knowing how to walk on a roof is important. Here are some safety tips for walking on different types of roofs.

Shingle Roofs

Before getting on any roof make sure it will support your weight. Check to make sure the structure is sound. The steeper the roof the more dangerous it becomes. Continually look for loose shingles. If you step on a loose shingle it can take you for a ride down the roof. Loose granules can also be dangerous. Loose granules can be like tiny ball bearings, especially on steep pitched roofs. Always wear soft-soled shoes that are appropriate for walking on shingle roofs.

Metal Roofs

Some metal roofs can be deceiving. Always check the underside of the roof before attempting to get on it. Make sure the structure is sound and can support your weight. The best shoes to walk on a metal roof is soft rubber-soled shoes. Rubber-soled shoes grip the metal surface whereas other shoes may allow you to slide on the hard slick surface of a metal roof. Walk circumspectly on a metal roof. Always walk with a feel for soft or weak areas on the roof. For steep metal roofs, it is advised to use a harness. Always safety first.

Also, some metal roofs are installed on a grid. Metal panels are attached to a grid over the decking on the house. Extreme caution is advised. The metal panels can be damaged very easily if you don’t know how to walk on this type of metal roof. And it can be very expensive to repair. It is best to call a qualified professional when needing to be on this type of metal roof for repair.

Concrete tile

If at all possible don’t get on a concrete tile roof. Like metal roofs, most concrete tile roofs are on wooden strips to slightly lift the tile off of the roof. Where you walk is important. Your weight can cause the tiles to break. So it is advised to stay off concrete tile roofs if at all possible. If you do have to walk on your concrete tile roof displace your weight evenly being careful not to put all your weight on one foot in one particular place. Walk slowly on the balls of your feet always wearing soft-soled shoes.

Wooden Shakes

It is best to call a qualified professional roofer if possible. A professional roofer knows how to walk various types of roofs. If you must walk on your wooden roof it is advised to wear a harness. Wooden shakes can be slippery especially when damp or wet. Shoes with spikes are the best to wear on wood shake roofs. It is always safety first when you are on any roof steep or not.


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