How Much Screened Patio

Screened in porches and decks are the way that a lot of homeowner’s enjoy the outside, without necessarily going outside in the heat and humidity during the summer or the freezing cold in the winter. However, some screened in porches are drab and very uninspiring. For example, cold dark gray porches with colorless walls and no furniture are not very inviting. However, those that place a lot of thought into the design and features are able to create a fabulous place for everyone to enjoy for many years into the future.

Valuable Asset

A screened in porch might be small and rectangular or square and expansive. The floor might be cement, wood, or even brick. The walls might be completely glass or Certainly, a screened in porch is a very valuable asset. It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the view any time of the year and it adds instant value to your home. Treat that valuable asset with tender loving care and a few creative ideas to make it a truly enjoyable place for the entire family.

Design Ideas

First determine your style and set a budget. The budget will determine the size of the project and the type of materials that you can purchase. Next, determine the purpose for the screened in porch. Are you attempting to create a warm and cozy place for the family to enjoy and relax? Are you attempting to create a space to entertain friends?

Select Your Budget – Determine the budget for the screen porch and follow it

Size Matters – Select the size and shape for the porch. Talk it over with your contractor.

Floors – There are a number of floor options to consider. For example, wood, slate, brick, tile.

Windows – Do you want floor to ceiling windows? Picture windows? Roll out windows? Regular style windows.

Decorative Touches – Would you like ceiling fans? Ceiling lights? Dining furniture? Couches?

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