(Texas Patio Builder) Seasonal Care for your Patio Furniture
The patio is usually a favorite place to be, especially when the weather is nice. It can be the perfect place to relax after a hard day or to entertain family and friends with BBQ’s and parties. If you likely spend a great deal of time enjoying your patio, you understand the importance of keeping it well maintained.

Seasonal Care for your Patio Furniture

Depending on where you live, the climate may prevent you from using the patio all year round and this makes seasonal maintenance and care a necessity. Patios are an investment and valuable addition to your home, so the last thing you want is for the patio furniture to start looking older than it really is. During the summer months, when the patio is most popular, be sure to wipe down all furniture regularly, especially after use. If you also have a pool, always lay a towel out on furniture first so as not to transfer oily sunscreen and excess water to the furniture. You need to protect furniture from the sun by using an umbrella because the sun can bleach fabrics causing premature fading and aging.

During the colder months when your patio is either covered up or used much less frequently take the proper precautions to ensure it lasts and retains its looks for the summer season. You want to ensure the furniture is ready to go when the warmer months come back. Covering your furniture is the best way to protect it from the winter elements and cold temperatures. You also need to give all furniture a deep cleaning before covering it for the winter. Wipe all furniture down to get rid of all collected dirt and build up and then use a polish to provide a protective coat. Even if you store the furniture indoors, the sealant protects the furniture from any moisture that can cause damage. It is recommended to store furniture indoors in areas where severe winter weather is likely.

  • Once it warms up and is time to bring the patio furniture back out or remove the cover, there are a few tips to make sure each piece looks its best and stays in great shape all season long.
  • Wicker materials easily trap dirt within their woven fibers so you need to clean these thoroughly and regularly. Use a soft brush and oil-based soap to wipe down all your wicker pieces and then rinse with a hose.
  • Metal items should be wiped down with normal dish soap and water. Metal will also last longer if you use protective sealants and polishes to prevent scratches and rust.
  • For all fabric covered items, you need to protect them from lotions, oils, excess water and the sun, as all of these can cause discoloration. Washing with a standard laundry cycle to remove any stains and use a fabric conditioner or protective spray to ensure the fabric retains its vibrant colors for longer.
  • Wood furniture can suffer from mildew, especially in humid and damp climates. Should you notice any mildew on your furniture, use a white vinegar and water spray handy to clean it away and prevent spreading.

Final Thoughts

Your patio is more than just an addition to your house; it is a relaxing and serene place to spend some time outdoors. It is important for your patio to look and feel inviting and this cannot be achieved with old and damaged furniture. This doesn’t mean you need to buy new furniture every season. By taking care of the furniture you have, storing it properly in offseasons, and cleaning it as recommended, your patio furniture will retain its comfort and good looks for longer. So, take care of your patio furniture to keep it looking great for longer and to keep you and your guests comfortable all year round.

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