Selecting The Perfect Patio Cover Type


Enjoying the sun outside during fall is always exciting. Having a patio cover will expand your living space and will protect you from the sun. In addition, the patio cover will definitely enhance the appearance of your outdoor area. You can be also protected from heavy rains during winter time. 

When selecting the type of patio covers, there are 3 main types to choose from. Let’s see these three:

Pergola Ideas TX


The pergola style patio cover offers a traditional yet classy look for a home, and this is the patio cover to go to if you are looking for something conventional. In addition, those pergola style patio covers offer an Italian appearance.


The lattice style of patio cover offers a more modern look and a great choice if your home has a modern feel. With a number of contemporary designs, a lattice styled patio covers will offer you a number of contemporary designs to choose from. This is a plus due to the fact that it can be easily tailored to match any home style. It is also possible to add fabric to the lattice design, and this will give you the flexibility required in shade control and enhance the overall aesthetics of the home. .


Patio Cover Designs TXSolid Patio covers offer a complete solution to protect you from elements such as snow, rain, and even strong rays of the sun. Also, insulation can be done to achieve the desired effect. Wood grain finishes or cedar embossed texture can also be incorporated in the solid patio covers. This combined with the top quality paint that will not peel or chip is a big plus. There is also an option of having an insulation with thick foam on the roofing, and this offers protection from the heat.

Bottom Line

With the right patio cover, you can enjoy your days outside more. In addition, your home will also get protection against some of the hars elements and heat. Give us a call for more info.

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