Choosing the right kind of kitchen remodeling tiles is not easy. You need different kind of tiles to suit different purposes. For instance, glossy tiles are good for the walls but not for the kitchen floor.

So, how should you go about shopping for kitchen remodeling tiles?

Here’s a quick shopping guide.

1.      Learn about ‘Tiles’

Tiles are of different variety, fulfilling different purposes. For kitchen, you have bamboo, vinyl, cork, stone, quarry, ceramic, and glass and porcelain tiles. Of these, for instance, glass tiles are usually used in backsplashes, bamboo and cork tiles for flooring and porcelain for counter-tops. You need to learn about them, check out samples and choose the ones best suitable for your kitchen.

2.      Size of Tiles

Do you want to apply the usual small tiles? Or, will you go for the latest fad using big rectangular tiles? Contemporary home improvement service providers find the latest fad to be pretty creative, adding a sophisticated feel to the kitchen. Of course, a lot depends on the overall aura of the place. The big rectangular tiles might look like a misfit as well. What you need to do is call a home improvement agent with some samples and check them out in detail.

3.      Consider Floor Usage

Your choice of tiles should depend a lot on their usage. If you have a large family consisting of a lot of kids, you need tiles that will withstand rough usage. When purchasing floor tiles, make sure it is a ‘floor tile’. A wall tile won’t work well as a floor tile because their friction coefficient is low and make the floor slippery for walking. Surely, with kids running about the house, you don’t need slippery floors! For floors, go for tiles with a slight raised pattern. Ceramic, quarry and clay tiles are recommended.

4.      Consider Household Lifestyle

Not only kids, you need to consider how adults use the kitchen and buy tiles accordingly. You need tiles that are resilient and have longevity. In short, note your family’s lifestyle habits and then choose kitchen remodeling tiles.

5.      Choosing Backsplashes

Since the backsplash will not get the direct traffic, even though they have to bear grease and splatters, you can still have your pick. If you want to keep the kitchen decorative, choose from metal, glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain backsplashes.

6.      Who will install?

The best of kitchen remodeling tiles can be ruined by poor installation practices. While there are many DIY guides out there to help install the tiles on your own; don’t take the risk if you haven’t done it before. It is safer to hire a home improvement service provider and get the work done smoothly.

Lastly, the cost of kitchen remodeling tiles varies according to their shapes, design and quality. There are both cheap and expensive versions. However, don’t compromise on quality factors just to save few dollars. Take your time in perusing different remodeling tiles and decide.

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