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When moving to a new place, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish, that hiring professional movers may be the best route to take. Keep in mind that there are many choices available, from packing all the items to packing necessary items only. If you can easily afford the involved costs, then consider hiring specialists for packing as well as unpacking. Several moving companies offer everything from packing the entire household to unpacking and organizing your new house, but before deciding to hire their packing services, you will need to compare your energy and time versus the expenses involved in hiring specialists to pack, unpack and arrange your new house.

Assessing your move

First of all, the corporation will need to send a surveyor to assess the information about your move. The surveyors will list every item that must be packed, such as kitchen drawers, cupboard contents, and furniture. This is an incredible way of costing your move and can also help to identify what is of value and might need more specialized care.

Valuables such as jewelry, artwork, and paperwork will be discussed during the survey of your home, identifying how these items ought to be handled. Typically, things that you can take with you during the moving day, rather than being loaded in the truck, should be packed separately by the professionals and arranged aside.

Full-service packers

These will ensure that all the furniture is disconnected, carefully wrapped, and protected using paddling and preventive packing. Frames and pictures are eliminated from carpets, and walls are rolled and ready to be loaded to the moving truck. Boxes are sorted and labeled according to placement and room.

The hired professionals will also offer you a time estimate on how long they will take to pack your entire household items and the involved cost. Normally, they can take a day to complete the whole procedure. The number of your household items and time frame will define the price. If you want to move to your new home hurriedly, more professionals will be required to get your items packed. Ensure you organize for pet sitters and babysitters to ensure that pets and children are kept busy as the professionals pack your items.

Should you hire full-service packers?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, this decision is mainly based on cost versus time. Packing services could add mainly to the moving budget. If you want to take one week or more days off work to get your house packed and arranged, but it might not be worth the price.

Packing household items requires a lot of time, and you have to count on the preparation that comes with the service, including organizing before you pack and obtaining packing supplies. Remember, when you do it yourself, you will first need to pack things that you will not need over the next couple of weeks. This needs time to be arranged, and the inconvenience of not using particular things can also take its toll.

Most professional packers can pack the entire household in just a day. This helps to save a lot of time and the hassle of living out of the cartons.

Packing specialty things

Suppose you want to stick to your budget or want to save a considerable amount of money during your move. In that case, most packing services can offer to arrange and pack specialty things, especially fragile stuff like vases, television, mirrors, and artwork, among other breakable items. The professionals will arrive at your house to conduct a survey then offer you a free quote.

Other things you might want to consider hiring expert packers include china, vases, antiques, fragile furniture, electronics valuable artwork, and chandeliers. It is worth paying more money to make sure all the breakables arrive safely at your new home.


Packing and organizing appliances must be handled by professionals. The right moving company will recommend you hire an expert to organize and move huge appliances, including dryers, washers, stoves, and refrigerators. If these appliances are not carefully packed, the movers will not be accountable if they do not work in your new house. It is your responsibility to properly organize and prepare all the appliances to ensure safe arrival.


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