small patio idea

Furniture- You have some different space saving options for furniture. First think about what will happen on your patio.

For Chairs: Nice outdoor wooden folding chairs will give you the ability to clear patio space when you want standing room only. If you want chairs that don’t fold, choose ones that don’t have arms or bulky cushions. You can also run a bench along one side of the patio.

For Tables, go for either a coffee table or a couple of side tables to go between chairs. Not having a dining table can give you lots more space for other things. If you want to enjoy your patio in lounge chairs, get a couple of folding ones with a side table between them. Flexibility makes the most of your patio space. A small elevated breakfast bar type table with a couple of stools will not take much room. If you generally only have a couple of people on the patio, that may be the best plan for morning coffee or an evening cocktail for two. You can get macramé hanging tables. If you swag them like you can a lamp, let them down when you want to use them, or put them up out of the way.

Plants replenish the spirit. Hang planters at a couple of different heights or even one above another at the very edge of the space. If you want to grow some vegetables, there are floor pots with trellises available. If the patio has railings, hang a miniature herb garden. Fresh herbs for the kitchen make cooking an art.

Décor for small outside spaces can include some lights, wind chimes, wind socks or flags. They don’t take floor space but give the patio some personality. To add an artistic flair, look for outdoor wall hangings.

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