Selling your home is an emotional and taxing business. How much should you get when you are selling your home? Did you know that your home could sell for a lot more if you have the right marketing techniques to use? Sometimes, the right home pictures and having your home in the right condition can significantly push up the selling costs. This is because customers would be more reassured about what they are buying and confident that the home is worth its price.

The Top 9 Tips to Make You Help Your Home Sell For More

Here are a few easy to follow tips that will make your home the preferred buy for anyone who lays an eye on it.

1. Revive the siding : – First impression is what finalises most of the deal. You can work on the sidings, windows, outside walls to give the house a fresh look. This can even be done by self not to add any cost.

2. Add colour and greenery: – Small colourful plants in pots must be added in the entrance or sidewalk to give the house friendly and warm look. If you have a garden, ensure that it is properly cut and looks good – everybody loves a vibrant garden in their home.

3. Minimalistic approach: – Keep minimum furniture and clean the place. It gives a spacious look to the house. You need to give a spacious feel to the potential customers – people love to experience freedom and space. However, do not keep empty rooms – it doesn’t give a good feel.

4. Keep the bathroom clean: – A dirty bathroom would be a big turn down. Clean the tiles and declutter the place to make it look spacious and fancy. Decorate your bathroom if possible and make it look beautiful.

5. Stainless carpets: – Clean carpets will add to the impression but they must be kept stain free. A good odour is a must if the need carpet replacement it should be done without a thought.

6. Cover the wall cracks: If the walls and window pains need repairing it should be done. This makes the house look as good as new.

7. Upgrade the kitchen: – The kitchen handles should be fixed if needed. The grills and shelf should be grease/ oil free. The place should be decorated with flowers and artificial pots to make it lively. This can be done by self and will even help keep the clutter away.

8. Clean the switchboard: – All the switch board and switches needs to be kept up to date. The switch plates should be clean and the switches should be in working condition. This does not involve a lot of costs but gives an impression that the whole electric system is new and updated.

9. Make it bright: – One might like low power bulbs, but while selling the house all the above fixes would be even more effective if the place is well lit. Change the CFL bulb and add bright incandescent bulbs.

These small tweaks can ensure that you fetch a far higher buying price.

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