It is possible to incorporate a new patio into your house’s exterior even though your house did not have one initially. If you like, you can go for the stamped patio. The only problem is that most builders will want to quickly construct a basic slab patio made of concrete and get it finished. After all, for most builders, their focus is not the exterior. In fact, most of them do not even recommend patios at all.

However, for the best results, you should have your builder do the patio before completing construction. This is especially necessary because of the wood barricade in the patio doors that allows them to close and patios can interfere.

Now that you have decided to add a patio, select a good concrete company to do the job for you. Before the beginning of the installation, you should choose the design and colors  that you like. Of course, there are so many designs and colors that you can choose from, so before making a final decision, it is advisable that you try to get a sample of the siding of your home. This will help you to choose an appropriate color.

During the initial installation

The best thing to do during the initial installation is to mix your chosen color deep into the concrete. This is so that in case the concrete chips off, it will retain a uniform color and things will not look uneven. You do not want a situation where the color appears only on the surface and in the event the concrete gets loose, it becomes horrible to look at. In fact, when choosing a concrete company, ensure that that company mixes the color into the concrete.

If your house has an open ranch house plan, the patio is easily visible from the inside of the house owing to the many windows. Thus, you must be careful in choosing the right color and pattern. Do not forget that this patio is permanent and will forever stand out in your backyard. You have to ensure you do it right the first time.

Now you can let the work crew get started. The first thing that they usually do is pour the patio to your desired size. They then add the stairs. You can either choose the straight stairs or go for something fancier like the wedding cake style stairs, which create a tiered effect. Once the poured concrete is smooth, the contractor then creates your preferred pattern using a huge pressing stamp. A powder is then spread on the surface. The purpose of this powder is to make a ‘release’ which adds color variations to the surface texture.

Final thoughts

At first, the ‘release’ might not bring out your desired color but once it is thoroughly cleaned, the true color comes out. The contractor then lets the patio rest overnight and adds on the concrete the following day. This is solely for protection in case settling occurs. The final touch is applying a glaze, which enhances the color and makes the patio shine.

The whole project might be a bit costly but it is worth while and can add value to your home. You now have a permanent backyard where you can sit, relax, and entertain your guests all year round.


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