Counter tops for your Houston kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen counter is the heart of the kitchen. The kitchen counter top material should be hard, stain resistant, scratch resistant and heat resistant. There are some popular materials that usually used as a kitchen counter top such as metal or stainless steel, stone, laminate wood and tile. But stone is the most popular of all.

Stone is more expensive than other materials for kitchen counter top. But more people prefer the stone material because it needs low maintenance, repairable, impervious to water and unaffected by heat. Also, each stone has a special pattern which always different from one to another. So it is like you have an unique artistic masterpiece in your kitchen.

stone work has to do by a specialist because of its weight and vulnerability to acids. Stone will easily crack if it’s not carefully maintained and not evenly supported. A kitchen’s cabinet top must be flat and level. Not like tile or laminate wood which can easily installed by any person. Even if you just want to shape the edges, you cannot do it by yourself.


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