Sun Rooms

A room built especially to catch the gains of natural sunlight is designated as the Sunroom in a house. In Houston, it is quite common to design the Sunrooms in the eastern side of the house. This is done to take advantage of ample natural sunlight. But such a feature is not a hard and fast rule. Any room which is exceedingly exposed to natural sunlight can be modified as Sunroom. The basic idea is to bring in the outdoors within the house and hence a Sunroom is decked up with outdoor furniture, sun loving plants. Some reasons why folks in Houston wish to include Sunrooms in their house plans are:


A Sunroom acts like a passive solar heating system to a house. It is more effective when the room is adorned with glasses installed at right angles to the sun’s rays. The Sunroom stores heat more efficiently when it is compacted by thermal walls. Vents are used for controlling the warmth at daytime and cold air at night. Thus, homeowners in Houston design Sunrooms to maintain comfortable room temperature setting for all the 24 hours.


Addition of Sunroom to a house means adding extra space. Constructing Sunrooms is not really expensive as building a brick and mortar room. These days more and more folks in Houston are relying on McBride Constructions to build well designed Sunrooms for them. The McBride Construction Company reputed for their superior service and quality construction have their own manufacturing base too. They can create the most appealing Sunroom that any homeowner would dream to have. Sunroom with its extra space acts like a kid’s playroom, a plant room, an office room, a dining room or even a guest room.

Increase Curb Appeal:

A well designed visible Sunroom adds instant curb appeal to any residence. Elegantly constructed Sunrooms give houses more added worth not just in looks but also in their overall value.

Thus, adding Sunroom to a house is an inexpensive way to gain heaps of advantages.

Need More Space?

We got it!  Attractive and affordable sun room additions to match your house style and budget.  All of which includes superior storm resistant construction, unmatched energy efficiency, and more room for enjoying life!  Built to last, our sun rooms are designed to seamlessly blend into your existing home design offering a great return on your investment should you choose to sell your home in the future.   Check out our gallery of real completed projects!

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