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As a disinfectant in water, chlorine is known for its effectiveness and relative ease of use. However, there are several conditions that can cause the levels of chlorine in a pool to remain too high for safety and comfort for any swimmer. Can swimming pools go chemical treatment free? This seems to be the million dollar question. The answer to it is ‘yes.’ Yes, it is possible as technology has advanced in great measure. We now have UV pool sanitizers that make swimming pools completely save to dive in. With the help of UV pool sanitizers, one doesn’t have to worry about health matters arising while in the pool.

Serious Health Matters Can Arise

In many cases where there is excess chlorine, the cause may be as simple as the pool not being utilized enough. Pool chlorine is dissipated by sunlight and warmer water temperatures. If the pool is always covered and kept very cool, chlorine will work very slowly; therefore, serious health matter can arise right away. In general, swimming pools needs to be disinfected in order for viruses, cysts, bacteria, and algae to be destroyed so that one can go in a pool with peace of mind.

UV Sanitizers

The efficacy UV sanitizers has been known for a lot of years and are used in different areas: water purification, aquaculture, fish farming, pharmaceutical industry, and even hospitals.

UV Swimming Pool Sanitizers

UV swimming pool sanitizers have been noted to be completely safe to utilize. No health risks can arise from using them. After filtration, the water flowing through the UV reactor, that contains bacteria, viruses, algae, and any other harmful thing will be completely destroyed. UV swimming pool sanitizers are easy to implement and maintain. They are fully automatic.

The medium pressure UV pool sanitizing systems are particularly suitable for disinfection and for removal of chloramines. The resulting effect from opting for a UV pool sanitizer is that one’s swimming pool will be completely free from unwanted elements.

UV pool sanitizers are very compact and can be installed in any existing pool. The only regular maintenance required is to change the lamp between nine to twelve months. This operation is really quite simple and can be performed by pool staff. In addition, reducing the use of chlorine allows swimming pool owners to save significant costs and completely eliminate the need of utilizing chemicals ever again.

They Are the Ideal Safety Tool of the Future

Moreover, as the UV radiation destroys any residual chloramine resulting from chlorine treatment and thus improves a pool’s atmosphere. UV pool sanitizers do not cause unpleasant odors or eye irritation, which often occurs in pools that have chlorine in them. UV swimming pool sanitizers are definitely the ideal tool of the future when it comes to safety in a swimming pool.

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