The Best Climbing Plants For Your Pergola


A pergola is a beautiful addition to any yard and can be a focal point for outdoor dining, relaxing, entertaining and more. To add privacy and character to your pergola, you can use plants. Specifically, climbing plants that can grow all around the pergola to create cover and beauty. Choose front hese great climbing plants that are easy to care for and can turn any pergola into a garden paradise.

The Best Climbing Plants For Your Pergola

Bleeding Heart and Tropical Bleeding Heart – For an exotic touch to the yard adding the heart-shaped flowers of the bleeding heart vines to your pergola you get a tropical feel and plenty of coverage. These plants require partial sun and moist soil to grow. Depending on your climate you will want Bleeding Heart plants which grow best in USDA Zones 3 – 9 and for warm temperatures like USDA Zones 10 – 1, the Tropical bleeding heart is the better selection.

Grape Vine

Grapevines are one of the first plants that come to mind when people think of climbing plants. You get coverage, color, and yummy fruits. Plus, grapevines can grow in most climates and you have a variety to choose from including vines from Central Asia, South West Asia, America, and the Mediterranean.


If you want intensity, Jasmine is notably one of the most intense flowers. The fragrance can be enjoyed from across the yard, so if you want pretty flowers and a strong fragrance, Jasmine is the right fit for your pergola. The local climate will affect its growth, with warm and humid temperatures supporting growth all year. For cooler climates, Jasmine becomes an annual plant.


This exotic climber boasts white and purple flowers, grows fast, and can cover your pergola quickly. Passionflowers are even more colorful when paired with clematis. Be sure that if you live in a climate that gets cool during winter, choose varieties of passionflower that can handle frost.

Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea is fragrant and delicate as the name may suggest. It is a solid choice for pergolas and grows well in most gardens. Sweet pea plants come in bush-type varieties as well as climbing varieties, so make sure you get the right type for a pergola. You also need to plant these in well-drained soil and make sure they have plenty of sun available. Sweet peas grow best in warm regions and grow strongest when planted in the spring or summer months.

Trumpet Vine

This climbing vine gets its name from the beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers. If you really want to add color to your pergola, these are the plants to choose from. Growing in a variety of colors such as red, orange, and yellow, these plants and their flowers give shade, color, and bring in pollinators like hummingbirds and bees.


Wisteria is a favorite among homeowners that want climbing plants. These are fragrant and beautiful plants but they do require a sturdy structure, so be sure your pergola is ready. Wisteria also requires more maintenance than other climbing plants and needs full sunlight exposure to grow and thrive.


There are several colorful and exotic options when it comes to climbing plants for your pergola. You can add shade, privacy, and some character to your focal structure to make it really stand out. With any of these plants, you can turn your garden landscape into your very own Garden of Eden and have the perfect paradise for relaxing or entertaining.



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