Green Landscaping in Houston


Many homeowners have backyards that are nice enough to sit in on warm days, but they really can’t do much else. Of course, property owners might have plans to install a walking path or have a veranda erected, but sometimes they can get in a repetitive cycle where nothing changes. If you are seeking out green options for beautifying your backyard area, you have stumbled upon a few great options. Here are some of the most environmentally friendly ideas for defining your backyard.

Use Reclaimed Wood for the Perfect Deck  

A deck can really help to make your backyard into a part of your home that you spend a lot of time entertaining. With a sunshade or large deck umbrella, you can continue to cater to your guests, whether there is inclement weather or the sun starts to get very hot. Think about other deck addons that your family members might enjoy themselves, such as a jacuzzi or a formal outdoor dining set. To actually build your deck, speak to your contractor about the practicality of using reclaimed wood. Create a rustic-looking deck that has character and history with reclaimed wood, and help to save the environment with your backyard deck.

Install a Water Wheel That Provides Renewable Energy

Ponds, streams, and other small bodies of water can frame your backyard, giving the space an upscale and tranquil feeling. If there are no bodies of water in your backyard, a manmade one can be dug up. Now, add a waterwheel to your backyard and you will receive more than a makeover for your yard. Like solar panels, water wheels and windmills provide continuous renewable energy. You can use that energy to keep your house running as well as store some for a proverbial rainy day. Find new ways to make your backyard space more beautiful and keep everything green, too.

Grow a Garden

This backyard design option doesn’t require much to start, besides a few seeds. All of your plants can be purchased after they are already in bloom, or you can create your garden from scratch. Consider the ways that your backyard garden can interact with nature, including insects, animals, and the environment. So, a birdhouse or even certain varieties of flowers to attract bees can help your garden to keep growing and thriving. What you grow in your garden can eventually end up on the dinner table, giving you a way to start sustaining your family at home.

The great part about making your backyard more beautiful is that you are already starting off in the right place. In the outdoors, being green comes naturally. You can work with the earth, or hang up a few windchimes that will interact with the air. Use solar-powered lights to illuminate your yard and start collecting rainwater for keeping your yard well-nourished in environmentally friendly collection barrels.

You just can’t go wrong with beautifying your backyard whenever you depend on the greenest, worry-free, environmentally responsible solutions out there.


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