roof leak


The leak may be small, but the problems it causes can be big. Certain roofing problems may not seem as serious as they are on the surface, and ignoring them can be a huge mistake. A few damaged or missing shingles or some cracked seams are the start of small leaks. These small leaks can turn quickly into elaborate and expensive damage. The best way to avoid this to find the best roofing company and with regular preventative maintenance and prompt attention to these areas when identified.

The Dangers of Roof Leaks

A leaking roof can significantly reduce the value of your home or building. Any signs of a damaged roof will easily turn potential buyers away. If you are planning to sell your property, you will want to invest in repairs or replacements before putting it on the market. The best approach to roof care is to take care of any repairs while they are still small. Leaving them only leads to bigger and more expensive repairs down the line. Leaks that are allowed to grow can cause permanent structural damage. The water can rot wooden beams and cause mold. It can also seep into walls leading to mold development inside the building. The more water that collects over time, the more damage is done, and the more expensive your repairs will be.

The Top Damages From a Leaky Roof

  • Interior Damage: Water that enters the building can leave stains and damage lighting, plaster and paint.
  • Equipment / Inventory Damage: Depending on the location, leaks can damage furniture, equipment, and inventory which can be expensive to replace, or in the case of businesses, lead to a temporary shutdown.
  • Safety Hazards: People could be at risk of slips or falls if leaking water gets into the building and collects on the floors.
  • Structural Damage: Ongoing roof leaks damage the building structure, including decking, rafters, joists, and framing which results in additional repair costs.
  • Mold and Mildew: Long-term leaking may cause mold growth that can spread throughout the building which can also be a health hazard.
  • Fire Hazards: Rany roof that is leaking near or around any electrical wiring or breaker boxes is a risk of fire.
  • Wasted Energy: Saturated insulation as a result of leaks getting into the roof structure, can affect how your insulation performs. A reduced R-value can result in more hot or cool air being lost.


Performing regular maintenance on your roof will help keep the building watertight and allow you to address small problems right away. Working with professional and licensed roofing companies is also the best way to reduce leak damage. One of the biggest causes of leaks is poor roof installation and this risk is reduced with professional roofers. Your roof will age naturally over time, but with maintenance, you can identify problems early, and prevent serious and expensive damage to your property.


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