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Patio roofs are a great idea for a home because they could serve as a shield from the wind and a perfect shade from the sun. A patio roof is much more than just an aluminum cover. The rotating louvered roof enables you to switch quickly from full sun to shade. The roof of a patio comes in different ways; it may be opened or solid. It all depends on the level of protection you require. Although a patio is often hidden at the back of the house, its roof needs to coordinate with the home’s exterior color for a cohesive, unified look. The patio’s roof can make an architectural statement by coordinating with the home’s existing roof or being different. 

What Do I Consider Before Installing A Patio Roof? 

As an expert builder or DIY builder, you should consider a few things before choosing what type of patio roof you want to install. A couple of them include:

The Right Material

Since there is no “right” material for a patio roof, it is important to select the one that matches your outdoor decor scheme, works with the climate, and properly fits your lifestyle. You could choose a colorbond steel roof when you want the patio roof to be an extension of your existing roof, especially if you are looking for something minimalist, pretty, and compatible with your home. You have to build it over a sturdy frame to support an underlayment of plywood, tar paper, and shingles that match the home’s roofing shingles. Other materials you can choose for a patio roof include:

  • Lattice wood
  • Metal panels or aluminum 
  • Translucent fiberglass
  • Boards and netting
  • Canvas shade sails
  • Wood and shingles
  • Colorbond steel roof

The Area

The type of patio roof you install is highly determined by the size and shape of the area where you intend to install the outdoor roof. It is important to check for limitations such as property boundaries, fixed structures include retaining walls and trees, and the slope and terrain of the area so that you do not end up encroaching into territories. 


A lot of people wonder what side of the house the patio should be located on. The roof style and available location for the patio are highly important, and these are a few tips to follow to know what shade you need.

  • Gable – this is created when two sloped surfaces meet at a point. If your home already has the roof style, you may consider doing the same for your patio roof.
  • Flat – the name already helps you envision what this looks like: the patio roof would be flat (well, technically with a slight pitch so that water can run off). This type of roof shape suits parts where you get little rain.
  • Hipped – this usually resembles a pyramid. You’ll commonly see this roof shape on bungalows and cottage homes. They’re great for weather protection.


Things like how much maintenance you want to do on the patio itself. For example, a wood patio and lattice-type work will require more maintenance as against a roof outfitted with shingles.

It is important to be intentional and strategic while picking a patio roof for your home as it tells a lot about your taste, choices, and even lifestyle. Whatever your choice may be, one primary thing to always remember is to opt for good quality. 


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