Electric Generator is a piece of equipment that transforms mechanical energy into the electric stream of current through a simple process called ‘electromagnetic induction. At the same time, the ‘electric motor’ made of all the same elements functions in reverse where electrical current gets alternated into mechanical energy. 

A generator functions to provide a power supply to the whole world. They are present everywhere. And Electrical Generators are not just machines. Additionally, they are the reason to keep the world bright during the night. 

Our modern times get very much convenient with their usage. From your car’s engine to the constant power supply to your home, the induction supply from mountains to dams, generators are potentially present everywhere. 

As generators have become an integral part of our modern life, it is now required to know some essential tips to maintain a generator. Like any other electric appliance, the Generator also needs some nurturing. But before going through the crucial information, let us know some more about how the Generator works. 

An Energy converter machine that converts the kinetic motion into electric power is known as an Electric Generator. It comprises a rotating ‘electromagnet’ which revolves continuously, resulting in electricity. 

The movement of any particular object creates kinetic energy. It includes renewable energy sources such as water, wind, or, by far, all the natural forces. The role of Generators is exciting and helpful, but their maintenance is very crucial. 

But with the right amount of information and knowledge, one can easily maintain the generators used in our daily lives. 

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All You Need to Know About Generator Maintenance

Diesel-based generator standard checkup

Diesel generators are by far the most efficient generators. ‘The exhaust system’ ‘fuel system’ and ‘DC electrical system’ need a special inspection. You have to make sure that the systems mentioned above are secure enough and are not leaking. 

Home Generator

According to the company ‘Constant Power Solutions,’ one of the leading generator suppliers of the United Kingdom, the typical oil changing period is 500hrs. So after five hundred hours of usage, the Generator needs to grease to ensure the smooth running of the machine. 

Greasing Service

While shutting down the Generator, measure the engine oil with a depth stick. Let the oil always be complete and up to the indication mark. Keep checking the oil levels regularly. Engine oil nourishes the machine and makes it strong. Just as we humans apply oil to our hair to gain nourishment, similarly greasing is required to the devices to maintain good condition. 


And use lubricants to grease and pump up the performance of your Generator.

Keep an eye on the cooling System

The cooling system in the Generator provides the overall engine condition. Pull out the ‘radiator cap’ after shutting down the machine, thereby allowing the engine to unwind and cool down. 

The coolant level should not drop below the 3/4th level. Sometimes continuous use of the generators might overheat the engine. In such cases, add some coolants to the engine. Removing all the dirt near the machine is equally important. Use a small brush or, more like, a soft paintbrush to remove all the grease and soil near the engine. 

Fuel Systems

The primary power source of the Generator is diesel. The regular functioning of diesel results in stains, pollution, and foul smell. It is highly recommended to use up all the stored fuel hence tuning the Generator on once in a while. 

The fuel filters should be cleared out at intervals above as the water vapor gets gathered and condenses in the fuel tank. If the fuel is not used within six months, fuel polishing is a must for the machine. Oil levels, the whole coolant system, and the fuel system in a generator should be routinely investigated to prevent any discharges or exposures.

Furthermore, the quality of fuel differs geographically. So it is indispensable to check the quality of your energy in the territory you live in. If your power is standardized, then you are in safe hands. And if not, you will have to add fuel filters which are readily available in the retail stores. 

Examine Batteries

Batteries are essential from providing the initial power to the backup power creators. It is crucial to ensure that the batteries are not infirm or charged too little. The batteries must be clean, the particular ‘gravity and electrolyte levels must be under constant supervision. 

Talking of Battery Gravity, a fully loaded and weighed down battery will have a gravity measurement of ‘1.260’. If it is slightly less than the precise number, you need to return the batteries and restore them with a new one. And after 200 hours of operation, verify the level of electrolytes. If the group is low, fill the battery cells with some distilled water to the marked deck. 

Periodic Engine Exercise

In human exercise, stretching out our body keeps us active and improves the quality of our life. No such stretching out of the parts takes place in the case of generators  (which is practically impossible, by the way). 

Exercising in generators is the usage of generators. Make sure the Generator is working at regular intervals. Just switching the power on and making the generator function is the only exercise for the Generator. It keeps all the parts fixed and reduces fiction, thus maintaining it lubricated. 

Regular usage results in the completion of fuel at the right time. The top UK diesel generator manufacturer ‘YorPower’ notably mentions regular maintenance because prevention is always better than cure. Thus we need to follow the maintenance periods and intervals. 

Keep your Generator neat and clean

It is probably the most overrated version of keeping things clean. But it is needed and is the most basic in keeping a generator. Visual checking every day reassures us of the smooth functioning of the generators. 

If the machines are clean, it gets straightforward to spot the fresh oil leaks and loose belts so that you can clean and make your device secure. The more the Generator gets old, the more reassurance it needs from us. It requires a bit more human effort once the Generator gets old. Nonetheless, a generator that has not been used much might need less care. 

Exhaust System Checkup

When you use generators, the dust particles resulting in smoke come out of the machine. You have to make sure that the exhaust line is not leaking. If the cable is not connected to the device or is distracted in between, it gets risky. All the accumulated dust particles might start revolving around or inside the machine. 

Once this problem starts, it should get the involvement of the technician. And always make sure to use the Generator after the servicing gets completed. Always before starting the engine, check the connection points. Tighten them if they seem loose. 

Bottom Line

The United States of America encounters massive power outages. Natural disasters and power outages are inevitable. It is a terrific plan to buy generators in this contemporary world where humans have practically started depending upon electricity so much. 

You will have the power back up to continue living life the way you want. And no, byyou will not need a technician to make a routine checkup of the generators. 

An absurd person deceives it. By this far, we have known how generators play a vital role in our lives in this twenty-first century. The above-mentioned are some of the essential tips that individuals can follow for the support of the generators. 


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