(texas) Fence installation tips


When you buy a home you may already know the type of fencing that you want around your property. The bright white fence is attractive. You need to be careful when picking out the trim on the home itself, because an ivory trim next to your fence it can make your home look dirty or yellowed.

Tips for Installing a Fence

Before purchasing the items needed to put up a fence you need to have a fence company come and draw out a map of how the fence will go around your home. You may also need to submit this to your community organization for approval before you can put up a fence. Just about every neighborhood has some kind of board or committee that needs to give approval before putting up a fence. There are guidelines in place that must be followed. Also, check the bylaws before settling on a lot to build your home so you know what you can and cannot do to your property. There are some basic rules when it comes to putting up a fence. Many fences can be no closer than 3 feet to the neighboring property. The height of the fence may only be 48 inches high and in some areas, no chain link fences are allowed. Fences may only close in the backyard but not any side yards. Remember that it may take some time for a committee to approve your request for a fence. In some cases, it can take up to 30 days and that is only if the fence meets specific guidelines. If you want a fence up by a certain time it is very important to plan ahead.

Fence for privacy

You may want a fence for privacy. If you own dogs a fenced yard is almost a necessity. If your yard is a sod yard it is best to let it completely dry before the contractors begin to install the fence. This will help prevent mud and mess. Also, the fence may not set into the ground as well if the sod is wet and muddy. If you want a patio in your yard you should have it installed before your fence is put up. The fence is designed to enhance the overlook look of your home. Fences can also allow your pets and children to play safely in the yard, as well as keep unwanted visitors from entering your property.  Just an extra measure of security to your home to keep your family and pets in while keeping unwanted people out.

In some cases your neighbors may not be happy that you are installing a fence. The committee may even reject your plans which can hold up the entire process. This is why it is important to read all of the rules and guidelines before putting up the fence. If you install a fence without approval the township can make you take it down. A fence is supposed to add beauty and value to your home and not cause you a headache, so do your research first.

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