Wooden patio furniture serves as a practical and attractive addition to outdoor decors. However, such furniture needs regular maintenance since weather, whether good or bad, can result in serious damage to outdoor furniture. Based on the fact that you do not want to waste your money by buying luxurious patio furniture that will last for a short time, you might want to keep reading. Here we will equip you with tips that will help you protect patio furniture from harsh elements so that you can be sure to extend its life.

Tips Of Patio Furniture Maintenance

  1. Seasonal Storage

An important aspect of taking care of the patio furniture and ensuring that it will last long is storing it seasonally. Even though various types of furniture are designed to withstand the toughest weather, and treated with an anti-rust finish, you should note that this doesn’t mean that you should expose such furniture to a severe snowstorm. Therefore, it is up to you to get a nice place to store the furniture. In this case, locate a dry place to store the furniture so that you can protect it from wear and tear.

  1. Use patio furniture covers

Another crucial step of patio furniture maintenance is purchasing and installing patio furniture covers. These covers are designed to protect outdoor furniture from harmful elements like the sun, dust, and moisture. So, ensure that you measure the size and shape of the specific furniture so that you can purchase patio furniture covers designed to deliver an excellent fit.

  1. Paint the furniture

If you want wooden outdoor furniture to last for years, you might want to consider painting it. Although painting makes the furniture lose its original look, it is worth taking it into account since paint reflects UV radiation from the sun thus protecting the furniture from fading, chipping and peeling. Furthermore, paint protects furniture from rotting as a result of moisture which means that you can expect the furniture to last you through harsh weather. So, be sure to pick durable paint such as latex paint and consider reapplying it after years to maintain its strength.

  1. Pick the right location

Various types of patio furniture fail to last long because of picking the wrong location. For instance, placing the furniture on the edges of the patio risks it to elements such as rain and the sun since such elements usually have easy access to the furniture. Therefore, consider placing the furniture towards the center of the patio since such a measure protects the furniture from harsh elements.

  1. Apply water sealants

Do you live in areas that receive a lot of rain? Well, you will want to take water sealers into account. A water sealant protects outdoor furniture from moisture while enabling damp wood to dry faster. This means that you can expect the furniture to look beautiful for long and remain protected from rotting, splitting and warping.


The tips covered in this article should help you prepare your furniture so that it can withstand the harsh elements related to outdoor environments. So, besides buying furniture that is designed to last and cleaning it regularly, be sure to take into account the above tips so that you can maintain the new-like look of the furniture for years.


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