Outdoor Kitchen

It takes a great deal of knowledge, research, creativity, and patience to develop a stylish and modern outdoor kitchen. While some homeowners may bring in designers to do the job, others opt for DIY outdoor kitchen ideas. Either way, you need to keep in mind these six tips to ensure your outdoor kitchen project becomes a success.

Check Out for Various Design Options

Whether you need to duplicate your indoor kitchen design, color, and style or prefer a unique outdoor design, you can never run out of design options. First, you need to determine whether you want a portable or permanent design option. You also need to decide if you need a simple kitchen setup or a fully functional outdoor kitchen.

If you plan to shift in the coming years, it’s best to furnish your outdoor kitchen with features and appliances you can take along. For instance, if you are a fan of DIY kitchen remodel projects, you may pair a standalone grill with portable carts to serve as DIY counters or go for a barbecue island that rolls. If you don’t plan to move soon, it would be best to get a fully functional outdoor kitchen design with stainless steel cabinets and outdoor kitchen countertops.

Take the Environment and Climate Into Account

The climatic conditions of your location significantly impact the materials, design, and open-season length of your outdoor kitchen. If your area experiences extreme weather changes throughout the year, avoid natural stone and tile countertops and materials. Avoid setting up your outdoor kitchen in too cold, hot, or windy spots. If living in areas with heavy rainfall, you may need a partial patio roof and appliance covers.

Set a Budget

Setting and sticking to your budget helps you avoid overspending. When budgeting, prioritize material quality, labor, technology, and appliances. Remember, quality materials cost more and last longer, so you shouldn’t compromise on that for cheaper, poor-quality things.

Remember to budget for extra expenses, such as obtaining permits, hiring professionals, purchasing tools, and other utilities like gas, electricity, and water. You can start by requesting quotes from local pros to determine the expected costs before setting your budget.

Consider the Layout and Available Space

There are numerous kitchen layouts to complement every outdoor area of your home, including a patio, backyard, deck, and rooftop. However, you need to assess the available space to determine the layout that will bring out a perfect outdoor kitchen design.

If your space is small, a simple grill and one or two cabinet runs will work perfectly fine. If you have more space, add a built-in grill, a few cabinets, and an island with a sink. If space is not a problem, go for a full-sized kitchen layout with multiple options for preparation, cooking, refrigeration, and bartending.

Cooking Styles and Options

Whether you are a fresh dough chef or an avid sizzle and smoke cook, setting up the space with ideal cooking appliances is crucial. Your outdoor kitchen appliances can range from charcoal, electric, or propane grill to multiple stoves, ovens, and griddles. Go for versatile devices to save on space. For instance, you can get a grill that can roast, smoke, grill, and bake.

Lighting Options

Proper lighting options add to elements of design and functionality of your outdoor kitchen. Ensure your meal preparation, cleaning, cooking, and eating zones are well lit. If the area has a ceiling, incorporate overhead lights and fans. Include task lighting beneath or around counters.

Designing a modern outdoor kitchen can be intricate as its indoor counterpart, but if you don’t mind spending the time, the process can be fun and satisfying. It’s best to work with a design professional who will enable you to attain the specifications for your modern outdoor kitchen.



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