Commonly known as the H-town, Houston town is the home of pop singer Beyoncé. It is a thriving flat, green city, with little natural beauty. Houston has incredible dynamic energy since there is no zoning. It is a business city with friendly people from different vibrant communities.

Ten Best Reasons to Live In Houston

  1. Job Availability – Houston city is number one in job creation. The town has many companies that offer employment. The people are also very innovative and put up businesses like hotels, which create jobs for the residents. The unemployment rate is below the national level.
  2. Medical Availability – Houston has the largest medical center in the world, and the largest medical with over 21 hospitals, eight academics, and research institutions like the University of Texas, which is spending millions to fight cancer, and 50 related organizations, all non-profit organizations.
  3. Education – You do not have to worry about schooling for your kids. Houston has distinguished school districts, colleges, and universities. The Houston Independent School District is the largest in Houston, it is around 213 miles with around 288 schools, 14,000 teachers. Houston also has 25 other schools, with over 40 colleges and universities.
  4. No Discrimination – In Houston, there is no racial or ethnic discrimination. Therefore it is a place you will live in peace without your neighbors judging you or putting you down. Instead, you will experience acceptance for who you are. In Houston, you will find all religions from Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Meaning you will have freedom of worship too.
  5. Business – Business is booming in Houston. The town has the best deals in trade international. For example, the Houston port is biggest foreign tonnage handler, meaning, even more, job availability.
  6. Low Taxes – While living in Houston, you will not have to pay state income taxes. Houston is in Texas, which is among the seven places which do not pay taxes. This means that you can save move while in Houston.
  7. Community And Cultures – The recent Census data shows that Houston is the most ethnically and racially diverse metropolitan area. It houses people from all over the world and practices different cultures. It is always exciting to learn the practices of other cultures, and you can only get the first-hand experience in Houston.
  8. Economy – The cost of living in Houston is low, and the payroll is high. Houston has the best and yet the highest pay in America at $73,418, and is way ahead of areas like San Jose, which has high earnings and extremely high costs of living.
  9. No Government Restriction – The Houston state government does not have strict regulations especially to businesses, so it will be easier for you to venture into the dynamic Houston business world.
  10. Entertainment and Unique Foods – The Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show is being held annually at Reliant Stadium. It is the biggest show in the country and attracts over 2 million visitors. The Houston hotels offer a spectacular range of, fantastic seafood, ethnic cuisines, amazing seafood, and great barbecue. Houston has excellent Vietnamese food due to the nearness of the large seafood industry. Mexican food is great too due to the-the proximity of New Orleans. You will enjoy the foods in Houston, and it is the best in the world.

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