If you are searching for a great place to bike in Houston TX, the following trails are the absolute best choices whether you are looking to get into shape or just enjoy a day outside. Each trail has its own unique scenery and you are never too far away from what you need when you need it since all of the trails are located in the Houston area.


Terry Hershey Park

Feeling like sight-seeing along the Buffalo Bayou? What better way to get into shape than to bike along a beautiful trail? The paths are comprised of asphalt, dirt, and grass and a bike would easily be able to travel over these surfaces. What makes this even better is the connection to other trails so you can travel even farther.

Terry Houston Park also offers a restroom area, exercise stations, a playground, and a picnic area so when you want to give your legs a break you can relax in a tastefully landscaped area. When you are ready to move on, you can return down the trail or continue on into George Bush Park or Hike and Bike Trail on the west end of the park.


Hike and Bike Trail

Biking offers many health benefits. From stress reduction to increasing muscle strength, it’s easy to reap the rewards riding along Hike and Bike Trail and the adjoining trails through Terry Hershey Park and George Bush Park. Before long you’ll see an improvement in posture and coordination while enjoying some time outdoors in a beautifully scenic area! If you are looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle there is no better place than Hike and Bike Trail.



George Bush Park  

This urban trail is comprised of asphalt and concrete. The trail itself is roughly eleven miles long and has end points at Terry Hershey Park and Highland Knolls at Fry Road. The park itself is quite large so when you need a break from all of that biking, you can enjoy the 7,800 acres of space. Play ball in one of the ballfields, enjoy a nice picnic at one of the many picnic areas, get some practice in at the shooting range, or study the native wildlife. Go as often as you like and after a time you will find your body fat levels decreasing and your cardiovascular levels improving. Even if you’re not searching for a way to improve your fitness levels, George Bush Park offers a fun way for you to stay in shape because the trail continues on into other nearby parks. You can begin your biking journey at any of the starting areas. It’s a wonderful way to experience all of the benefits of biking. Simply hop on your bike and choose a trail! It’s that easy.

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