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If you are planning to renovate your house, it is essential to visit your next local building expo. Why? Because it will showcase everything you need under one roof! Whether you already have a clear idea of what you are after or if you just started thinking about renovating your house, you must go. Renovations can be very complex projects with many risks involved and visiting an expo will help minimize the uncertainties and get better deals. You’ll be in direct contact with suppliers and have the convenience of asking them questions on the spot, even if you do not like a particular supplier there is plenty more to choose from (each supplier has their own niche products, so it is worth asking around). You will also be exposed to materials and finishes you may not have even thought about and seeing this in person makes a huge difference. The opportunity to test the products live and in person will give you a better understanding of how resilient they are before you dive in and make a purchase. Often suppliers are willing to give discounts for on-the-spot orders so definitely do not miss that opportunity.

  1. Find Direct Suppliers

If you are looking to get bang for the buck, you’ll need to find out who the direct suppliers are as they will be spread out across the event – one way to find this out is by looking at their product line, are they selling multiple products from different industries or are they selling a particular product and specialize in that product only. The latter is most likely a direct supplier, and you should be able to get the best deals from them, locate their custom exhibition stand, approach, and ask them any technical questions you have and can see the products live in person and in action. This way you won’t be dealing with a third-party distributor who will lack technical product knowledge and charge a markup for selling another supplier product/s.

  1. Explore new Materials & Finishes

Expos attract a lot of new suppliers every year, which means there is a high chance that you will see materials or finishes that you may not have seen or heard of before. Something which you have not considered, but once it’s in your sight you can’t think of a better solution. Having the physical sample in front of you will allow you to touch and feel its quality to help you decide whether it will work for your purposes. If you are looking to keep things fresh and up to date, make sure you allocated sufficient time to explore the whole event as they only last a few days. 

  1. Test Products before buying

There are certain products that look great on TV, but at the end of the day, you are left being skeptical about how well it really works. Well at expos those suppliers will most likely be setting up a demonstration area to prove how well it works and it’s your chance to see it in person and test it personally. It is the fastest way to authenticate any concerns about the product, if one doesn’t suit your requirements, then you can easily move onto the next one. Being able to test products will help you eliminate and minimize any uncertainties you have, so once the products at ready to be used you’ll know exactly what to expect without any surprises.   

  1. Purchase on the spot with a discount

Exhibitors will only bring a limited number of products to the event (as they can only fit so much), therefore near the end of the event there is high motivation for them to get rid of their products, so they won’t need to spend the effort packing things away and taking it back to their office. Purchasing in bulk will also give you a better chance of negotiating a discount on the spot, the more they can get rid of the better. If you know what you are after and how much you need then you’d be in a great position to get the best deal possible, speak to a few booths, and make a call at the end of the day.    

  1. Get Feedback and Advice

The advantage of going to expos is that you are in direct contact with the suppliers themselves, you don’t need to go on the phone and hold the line and miscommunicate any critical details – you get to speak to the experts themselves and get experienced feedback and advice on how you should go about with your next big renovation. Speaking to the industry experts will give you very valuable information which you will not get through customer service or reading through pamphlets.



Renovations can end up costing a fortune and be very complex depending on what you are trying to achieve, attending your local building expo is the best place to start because you will be surrounded by direct suppliers to get the best pricing possible and as a bonus, you get to speak to the suppliers for clarity so you can minimize any uncertainties you may have with your project. We cannot think of a better place that has everything under one roof, you are saving yourself valuable time and money, go and find out when and where your next local building expo is being held so you can be prepared to make the most out of the short event.


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