If you are able to live somewhere you can eat outside on a regular basis then you are very lucky. And if you are you should make the most of this gift by creating your very own outdoor kitchen. This is a real touch of luxury in a property but that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune.

Here we will look at a few design ideas for outdoor kitchens and what features you could include in yours…

Practical spaces

An outdoor kitchen can allow you to carry on partying with family and friends without having to constantly return to the house. But of course there are some practical points to consider, such as the areas you will need. You will require spaces for food prep, cooking and serving. Including a bar top with your outdoor kitchen can give you plenty of work space, while giving friends a place to sit with drink as they wait for their food.

Essential appliances

It is now possible to buy a complete outdoor kitchen, including an oven, working sink with taps, hobs and a barbecue. These appliances are vital if you would like to be able to prepare a full meal outdoors. A fridge is also an essential feature so that you can have chilled food and beverages constantly within reach.

A covered pergola

A covered pergola could be a wise investment if the weather is not always fantastic where you live. Alternatively build your outdoor kitchen under the shelter or a roof, but leave it without walls to retain that outdoor vibe. This could be an extension of your house or a separate building in your garden.

Luxury touches

An outdoor kitchen is a luxury and if you have the budget you can make yours an alfresco luxury kitchen with some little touches to make it extra special. At the end of your worktop why not add a beer tap? You could also invest in some outdoor couches and armchairs so that your guests can relax in style while they work up an appetite.

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