(Texas Patio Building) Top Home Renovation Trends

The New Year is the perfect time for change and when it comes to your home, nothing says change like renovation. Depending on what you are looking for, there are renovations for every part of the house. With some of these top trends below, you can be assured that your house will have a whole new look for the New Year ahead.

Top Home Renovation Trends In  2019

Blackout Kitchens

Black never really goes out of style and when it comes to your kitchen, black is the way to go. You see more and more options for appliances and accessories in black in both polished and matte shades. Make sure you are ready for the change because having a black kitchen is a bold statement, so if you are looking for a subtler change, this is not the way to go. If you want to give your kitchen a new edge, then black furniture, carpentry, appliances, and hardware will make the statement you desire.

Formal Dining Rooms

You may think that formal dining rooms have disappeared, but this is untrue Formal dining rooms are making a comeback and you don’t want to be the only house on the block without one. The move towards elegant furniture, elaborate wallpaper, and chandeliers will give your dining room the exquisite makeover it needs.

Natural Pools

Ponds used to be the backyard renovation trend but now it is pools. More specifically the pool/pond hybrid has jumped to the top of the popularity list. Pools filled with beautiful and exotic plant life as well as heavy-duty filtration. This male that a safe and beautiful oasis for your home. Beware that it is not so easy to change your current pool into a pond/pool combo but upgrading your pond can be done in a matter of steps.

Whatever upgrade or renovation you decide to try, you can be assured that any of these hot picks will give your home the new look you have been looking for. Contact us today to discuss your options and we will help you find the right renovation for you.

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