Want to build your own deck? If you have some basic construction skills and some tools, you can definitely build your own deck. Of course, for the complex kinds of decks, you might want to use the help of a professional. However, for the common variety decks, you can do it yourself.

Planning you deck

Any worthwhile endeavor requires some planning. Building a deck is no exception. Spend some time in the area where you’ve decided to build the deck. Then visualize the size you want to build. You can mark the area off with your garden hose. Once you’ve decided on the size, use a tape measure to get the exact dimensions.

Check out decks.com or sunset.com to get a good idea of the various deck styles. Bighammer .com is another excellent site to use when planning your deck design.

Transitions, Sun and Shade

Consider the movement of traffic from the house to the deck and from the deck to the yard and vice versa. Also think about safety. Wide stairs that are not too steep are recommended.

Sunny breezy days are perfect for enjoying your deck. Of course, you still want to be able to use your deck even when the weather isn’t ideal. That requires planning.

It’s easier to add shade. Make the deck receive as much sun as possible and you can add the shade later.

The shape of the deck will often follow the available space. But you can be creative.

Decking Materials

Wood, composite and PVC are the three most-commonly used materials for building decks. Wood is the favorite while composite and PVC are gaining popularity.

Wood, while warm and beautiful, requires more maintenance compared to the other two materials mentioned above. It requires regular maintenance. Some people find the DIY project of maintaining a deck fun.

You may need to add railings in your deck to satisfy building codes. It can also be wood, composite or PVC. Some use clear panels so as not to obscure the view.

Top Tips

–          Use ACQ-rated screws instead of nails. They cost a little more but they last longer. Regular screws are susceptible to rust because of the chemicals used to treat wood.

–          If you want to save money, ask a contractor to build the framing. You can add the decking yourself.

–          Check if you really need to replace the entire deck. Perhaps you can just replace the boards and not the framing.

–          ALWAYS follow building codes.


Author Bio: Mike Tanner is DIY enthusiast who contributes to GosuReviews.com – a home and family products review site.

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