The trees around your house are a lovely source of shade and seclusion, giving your property a unique aesthetic quality. However, trees can also become old and unstable, so if any of them are in a position to fall on your house, you need to be ready to respond properly. If a tree collapses onto your roof, the first thing you need to do is get out of the house, and make sure that anyone who was in the house with you gets out too. Remaining inside can put you at risk of electrical shock if the tree’s damage were to have caused electrical wiring to be exposed to water. Once you and your family members are safely evacuated, it is important to call a roofing contractor right away. While the contractor is on his or her way, try to take a few photographs of your house so that they can be used as proof of damage later.

tree on roof

A roofing contractor is responsible for planning roof replacement and repair in the case of damage by fire, storms, and other things, including tree falls. The contractor first performs an investigation into the seriousness of the damage and then provides an estimate of the cost of fixing it. The estimate includes the labor cost as well as the cost of repair materials. It is common for homeowners to obtain cost estimates from several contractors before hiring one.

You might be lucky in that the tree may not have caused any harm to the basic structure of your house. In such cases, the repair will primarily consist of replacing whatever shingles have been broken or pushed out of place. If there is significant roof damage, you may need the help of a general contractor. It is possible that the roofing contractor who helps you out may also be certified as a general contractor, which will be convenient if the tree caused any damage to the basic framework.

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