Turning Your Outdoor Space into an Outdoor Office



Your patio doesn’t have to be just for evenings and weekends. You can also soak up some sun and fresh air during a few of your working hours too. By making a few modifications to the patio, you can make your outdoor living space even more comfortable.

Turning Your Outdoor Space into an Outdoor Office

Build-in plenty of shade

Even though you’re outside to enjoy the natural lighting, you don’t want the sun beating down on you. Build your outdoor office to keep you in the shade during the morning and afternoon. Tables with nestled umbrellas provide coverage for your eyes and your skin so you aren’t exposed to too much UV radiation. A pergola or patio cover can also provide shade if you have the room to build these.

Find tables and chairs that fit your height and workspace needs

Table and chair sets have different heights. When it comes to settling in your seat to work a couple of hours, you need to have the right setup. Order a table and chair that has the right height and is also adjustable so all you have to do is set your laptop on the surface and you can work comfortably. While you’re focused on making your office more ergonomic, think about the structure of the chair itself. Most patio chairs are not as fine-tuned as office chairs because that is not what they are designed for. But you can modify them yourself with a comfortable lumbar pillow that supports your lower back while you do your work. If you have a shed, this makes the perfect place for an outdoor office. Making a day’s work as stress-free as possible, garden offices are becoming increasingly popular for people who are starting up their own business or don’t have the budget for office rental.

Office in You Shed

You don’t have to own a large shed to convert it into an office. If you only need a small space to work from occasionally or have a small garden, a small shed is enough to store a desk and your office essentials. A medium-sized shed office is perfect if you need somewhere to keep a fair amount of office equipment, including multiple desks and bookcases. If you are turning an existing garden shed into an office, you should first assess whether you need to make any alterations and whether the building is fully watertight. Check for any tears in the roof felt and that it is securely attached. You want to make sure you have windows that will allow plenty of natural light to enter the building and make the office comfortable to spend time in. Opening windows will also provide important ventilation for the office.

Empty out the shed completely and look for any signs of mold, damp, leaks or wood rot. These will need to be dealt with before you can progress to converting your shed into an office. Making the changes should be a DIY job, but if you are unsure of the stability of your shed, you should ask a professional to take a look at it or purchase a new shed or log cabin which is equipped for the job. Now you’re set to convert the shed into your new garden office. Treat the shed exterior so that it is weatherproof and won’t be at risk of damp and to extend the lifespan of the shed office. Next, think about lighting, heating, electricity, and insulation.

  • Lighting: The right lighting will mean you can work in your office no matter what time of day it is. Halogen lights are good for providing overhead light, halogen bulbs can also be used for adjustable spotlights or track lighting. LED lighting is a versatile and cheap to run. LED lighting can be used for spotlights and certain areas of the office you want to be brighter.
  • Heating: Heating will make sure your office is pleasant to work in whatever the time of year. It will also prevent damp and keep paperwork or electronics from being at risk of damp. You can heat a shed using an electric radiator or tube heaters which are a safe and inexpensive way to keep the office warm without taking up space..
  • Electricity: Most offices will require a laptop, phone, and lighting so you will need electricity. If You must have a professional carry out any electrical work for you and will need to be signed off by them for insurance purposes.
  • Insulation: Make your garden office shed insulated and keep it protected from damp. It will also take less energy to keep warm.

Final thoughts

Once the shed is set up and ready for use, you need to decorate it so that it is inviting and comfortable to work in. Start with paint and to maximise the feeling of space you’ll want to stick to light, bright colours on the inside of the shed. Create a homely touch by adding photo frames to the office shed wall or desk. You can also add vibrancy to the walls with framed posters.Keep your garden office organised with a whiteboard or bulletin board. Add comfort with a rug or garden furniture and a few cushions.

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