Window tints are commonly used in commercial establishments, but now it is increasingly being used in the residential areas. While it is true that window tints are commonly installed for securing privacy, it can serve other purposes such as filtering the light of the sun and/or regulating room temperature.

For many centuries, we have seen people trying to protect themselves from the harmful effect of long exposure to the sun. We use bonnets, umbrellas, sunglasses, protective clothing, and many others. Now, we have window tints to do the job.

Types of window tints

It was in 1960s when tints went out in the market and from then, we have been using window tints in many ways. There are different types of window tints and each of them offers various levels of protection. A window tint is made of thin dark film of polyester base and usually finished with scratch-resistant coats.

The main type of window tint is made of dyed thin film. This tint basically absorbs the sun’s heat and rays. However, heat absorption does not really stay on the tint itself, but on the window glass. For a long period of time, the absorbed light and heat put a lot of stress on the window glass which leads to deterioration. So before applying tint on your window, know the different restrictions involving its application.

The newest and more advanced type of window tint is the metalized tint. This means that the tint has certain types of metal embedded on its polyester base. Instead of absorbing heat and light, it will reflect these elements.

You can find different types of tints for your home window today from various home-improvement stores. These tints come in different shades, from clear to opaque. Some even have metallic look to promote variations.

Benefits of window tints

At this point in time, you might be wondering why you should apply tints on your window. Here are some of the benefits you can acquire from window tints.

  • Heat regulation – window tints can reduce heat from coming in your home. It can also prevent heat from escaping from your home. Thus, you can use tinted windows to increase the temperature of your room during winter and decrease it during summer.
  • Protect your investment – ultraviolet is present in sunlight. When your furniture, curtain, and other valuable are exposed to the ultraviolet ray, their color can easily fade away. Most window tints can now effectively block ultraviolet rays.
  • Protect your health – gone are the days when we can still play under the sun during noonday. Because of climate change, the heat of the sun is even fiercer ever before. When you are exposed to UV light, you can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. You can also have sunburn if you are not careful. For the elderly, they are prone heat stroke.



Window tints are not for cars only, but it can be for home used. There are different types of window tints and you need to choose the right one for you. You can install tints on your window and reap its many benefits.

Written by Edgar Mirambel, blogger for OC Blind Cleaners, in Orange County CA.

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