You must have encountered the problem that sometimes the water pressure in your home is not enough. Low water pressure is no joke, and it can become a frustrating issue simply by interfering with your everyday life. Such problems never solve themselves, and without proper intervention, over time they can only become worse. But, what can you do in these situations? Is there any solution? Well, the short answer is yes, and in the text below, we’ll discuss some. 

Flow pumps for low water pressure

In the case of larger deviations, the solution is to introduce or change the existing device for increasing the pressure. However, for smaller ones, which are more common in practice, the problem is solved by installing flow pumps. It is best to install the pumps on vertical parts – the main verticals—because they are more prone to issues than on the main horizontal distribution. An even more efficient, and sometimes cheaper, option is to replace the main horizontal distribution or its parts with pipes of smaller diameter in order to achieve higher speeds, that is, pressure. In this case, the plumber must be especially careful with a preliminary calculation check so that hydraulic shocks don’t occur at the transition of horizontal distributions to vertical distributions. As this is a delicate matter, we recommend hiring a true professional for this kind of work.  

Check your water supply 

Sometimes the issue lies in the water supply itself. The regular public drinking water supply is interconnected by a tricky network of pipes, and the smallest malfunction in this system can cause your water pressure to drop. Before going to the hardware store to buy anything, check with the local authorities whether there are some repairs being conducted or not. If the issue is temporary, your water pressure should go back to normal in a few days or a week.

If, however, you have an alternative water supply such as a well, you might need to call a professional to take a look. Wells are usually found in rural areas, but some urban householders also opt for this investment as it saves them money in the long run. Yet, certain complications can arise, and low water pressure is one of them. If you’ve been having trouble for a week or more with your water pressure, testing your well might just be the solution you are looking for. Wells usually require a high level of maintenance as they are prone to malfunctions and can disturb your everyday life. We personally recommend annual inspections that include professional assessments of the water’s quality, cleanliness, and possible mechanical issues that might disturb the water flow. If you have been noticing such problems, call a professional and fix them immediately. 

When a valve breaks…

The failure of a low-quality valve is not only financially burdensome but also complicated to rehabilitate. Parquet removal, drying, and damage to the facade and its thermals are just some of the consequences, and the damage due to the breakdown can also affect several residential units. There are several types of water valves in the plumbing system. The most important is the main water valve, followed by the EK valve. If one of the mentioned valves is not fully opened, low water pressure may occur. Also, a defective valve that has burned or is damaged can cause it to burst, resulting in low water pressure in the plumbing installation. Discoloration of the valve, corrosion, or water leaking from the valve indicates that it needs to be replaced. Do not try to do it yourself, but entrust the intervention to a professional. 

Broken pipe

If you suspect a broken pipe in the wall or in the ground, it is necessary to examine the water installations, and this is done by a plumber with adequate tools and equipment – a water leak detection and thermal camera. In this way, it is possible to determine the location of the water leak and repair the water pipe.

A burst water pipe (read – burst pipe flooding the house) is a common occurrence. A pipe can silently burst without you being around and not being aware of the problem – the water drains away and the water pressure decreases. There is a possibility that you can hear the water rustling in the wall, but you can also spend hours trying to find where the water is coming from without success. The same applies to the bursting of a water pipe in the country. Since it is a pipe with a larger diameter, the water pressure weakens.

As we only mentioned some of the possible issues and problems regarding low water pressure, annual inspections and regular maintenance are a must. Not only does it save you money later, but a lot of time and energy as well. 


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