Carpentry is a skill-set that goes back thousands of years. While modern carpenters may not perform all of the same tasks as their predecessors, the truth is thousands of years of wisdom have been handed down from father to son or master to apprentice. When people think of carpentry, they often think of people that work strictly with wood or that build things. While those are certainly two of the things that carpenters do, the list of other things they can do is long and distinguished. If you are a home owner, here are just a few of the projects a good carpenter can tackle and why you would do well to find a good one and keep them handy.

Install windows and doors

If you are upgrading your windows and doors, the existing framework may need to be increased or decreased to accommodate the new ones. This is particularly true of patio or terrace doors. While you can hire someone to just install your windows or doors, hiring a carpenter to do it ensures that they will be installed properly with no cracks or gaps to let warm or cold air escape through.

Finish Floors

New click lock panels make it easier than ever for DIY’ers to install wood flooring. Finishing it off, however, is a different issue. You can both save money and create a professional look by laying the foundation and installing the center flooring yourself, then having a carpenter do the finishing work around the edges.

Install crown molding

While installing crown molding can seem like an easy DIY project, getting the edges to line up properly can be a challenge. You may end up spending more in wasted materials than you might have just hiring a carpenter to do it in the first place. An experienced carpenter can have your crown molding installed in a jiffy and save you a significant amount of time, trauma and headaches in the process.

Custom Builds

Built-in bookshelves, benches or cupboards add significant value to your home and give it a much more refined look. An experienced carpenter can often create a custom-built piece for roughly the same price as a store-bought piece. If you already have furniture pieces you want to use but they don’t quite fit or you want them to be customized to your space, a carpenter can do that a well.


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