Styles are constantly changing, making some things better and taking away from others. Even with this, there are certain designs that are sure to stay in style for a number of years, as well as make the overall value of your home rise. Look into these modern designs, and develop the best of these for your own home. You will find these improvements to be beneficial for your home structure. This is possible even for those who are working with a strict budget. In these situations, planning your money is critical.

Less is more

Modernism is all about taking things down to the bare essentials and making sure that what you have is really what you need. Everything from the architecture to the furniture in modernism should be brought down to only the essentials. Make sure that the furniture you do have fits in with the theme. You don’t have to get the most expensive items, but try and get those that look nice and add to the look. Those that are simplistic often work best. Get rid of the clutter on and around your furniture to keep the modernist look.


Style comes around

There are some styles that seem to circulate every few decades. Some of the styles that were popular years ago have come back around, being popular now. If you live in an older home, it is possible that under the carpet there are sturdy wooden floors that have come back into style recently. Although they may look rough at first, with a little work, these floors will be looking great. This could be a risk if the wood has become damaged over time, but is worth it if it turns out alright. From here you can invest in a rug to keep with the modern tone.

The color

Part of the modern design has to do with the colors you choose. Vibrant colors should be kept simple with whites and blacks to cancel them out. Use an accent wall to paint a vibrant color, but only place objects on it that are neutral to reign it back in.

Rather than focusing on patterns or even using wallpaper to design a room, modern colors are more focused on bright stand out solid colors. If you do choose to include a pattern, make it one that is simple and follows the same color scheme.

The walls

In newer modern styles adding words to your walls is extremely common. Taking some simple words and placing them boldly on blocks or even directly on the wall will add something new and unique to your home. These can be inspirational sayings, words or encouragement, or even something humorous. Those that are placed directly on the wall can be carefully removed and replaced by other designs.

Look for the inexpensive ways to bump up the style in your home. There are many unique designs that will help your home look more modern, and help it to stand out above the rest. These changes can help you to get rid of clutter, fix minor flaws, and help your home become more valuable.


By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for A Plus Garage Doors, a garage door repair company in Orem, Utah. She has written extensively on garage and home design, finding the best styles for modern homes. .

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