The Best Ways to Shade Your Outdoor Living Areas

Spending time outdoors is a great way to relax on the weekends and after a hard day. Having a comfortable space outside your house to do this is important. Having the right outdoor living are is also great for hosting parties and guests. When it comes to being outdoors, your comfort will depend upon having some shaded areas and relief from the sun. Below are some unique and stylish ways to deck out your patio or outdoor living area. You can create style and comfort with a few easy changes.

The Best Ways to Shade Your Outdoor Living Areas

  • Add a gazebo: If your yard has space and you are limited as to any kind of patio or deck, then building a gazebo is a great idea. It doesn’t have to be big, just large enough to seat a few people and keep them out of the sun. This little outdoor room adds a touch of style to the yard and value to the home. It also makes the perfect place for children to play when they need fresh air but also needs protection from the sun.
  • Hang patio curtains: Add a splash of color to your patio but hanging curtains. You can get curtains that match the current patio furniture to really tie everything together too. The best part about curtains is you can easily open and close them according to the location and intensity of the sun. They also block the sun from the sides which is something standard patio umbrellas are unable to do.
  • Install a pergola: Again, if the yard and deck space allow it, a pergola is a fantastic option for shade. These open roof systems provide shade and also allow light to pass through too. When constructed with unique designs and natural wood, these structures are appealing and an added value to your home. These are also a popular choice because there are pergola options to suit every budget and some even come in do-it-yourself kits for those who are so inclined. Since pergolas offer broken shade, you can add fabric to the top for more full coverage.
  • Grow vines: Pergolas are a great place to grow vies, or you can construct other structures or fences for this too. AS they grow, vines provide natural coverage and a colorful display. Think of vines as nature’s curtains, so if you do not want fabric curtains on your yard structures, go with this greener option instead. You can even train vines to twist in whatever direction you want.
  • Build a cabana: Give yourself your own tropical getaway by putting a cabana in the yard. These are especially popular for homes with pools and they give that vacation feel to your yard. Cabanas come in a variety of sizes and can be made from fabric or wood. They are easy to accessorize to match the theme and colors of your house and yard. The curtains in your cabana will also give privacy as well as protection from the sun from all sides.
  • Hang shade sails: Shade sails are easy to add and offer a unique and attractive look to the yard. These sails are large pieces of fabric (white usually works best) shaped like triangular sails. These are stretched between posts to cover our patio area. There are different colors and materials available so you can go with a modern look or go more rustic. The ease of installation makes shade sails a popular patio option.
  • Add a marquee: These canopies are typically used to protect from the elements and are often found in entryways to buildings. They can also be used for your patio and will give a different look to standard patio coverage. These work great for those who have covered patios and covered porches, as it can serve to cover the connecting walkway between them. Your marquee can be made from fabric or even be a vine-covered arched trellis.


Whatever option you go with, adding some shade to your outdoor living area or your yard will benefit the whole family. The addition not only provides protection but adds a little charm and character to your home and yard. Of course, you can always take these ideas and add your own creative flare too or a design a unique covering that mixes concepts and really makes your yard stand out.


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